Mobile Dating App Preorder

iDateMedia is working on a new mobile dating app for Android and iOS and is slated for release this summer. You have 2 options to choose from when using the mobile dating app. Here’s how it will work.

Option One: This option requires a modification to add your domain to the app. Then when your members launch the app they will automatically be connected to your site. This would be your own app and does require submission to your own store accounts at Google and Apple. You will receive the full source code for the app

Option Two: When your members download the app they will be presented with a drop down list of sites to enter or a text box to enter your site URL (i.e. They can select your site and once they select your site they will automatically be connected with your site via the app each additional time. This is a out of the box solution that doesn’t require any modifications.

The mobile dating app will contain all of the features that the desktop user side has with one exception. The Android version will have all the payment gateways. The iOS will not due to Apple requiring their own payment gateway in the app so they can take 30% of the earnings. I don’t think you’ll want Apple taking 30% of your earnings so we have an option that jumps out of the app and to your site to get payment then jumping back into the app. This is an option that a lot of Apple users perform to get around their 30% cut.

This mobile dating app is slated for release this July at a price of $499 but right now we’re offering a special pre-order price of $249.

Pre-order your mobile dating app today!