Don’t Just Start a Dating Site, Sell Dating Software Too!

iDateMedia has opened up a new opportunity for those looking to break into the dating software business. For about the same amount of money it takes to start a dating site, you can become a dating software provider and make even more money!

Earn Potentially $75k-$300k Per Year Working 5-15 Hours Per Week!

There are over 10,000 people a month searching on Google and Yahoo looking to buy dating software to start a dating site. Now is your chance to break into this profitable sector of the online dating business with the help of iDateMedia.

We have done all of the hard work for you. Now’s your chance to get in on the dating software industry. Learn from the best dating software platform on the Internet and from someone that’s been doing it successfully since 2001.


I provide you with the dating software package that you can sell on your website.

I’ll setup your website and the demo on your hosting. You’ll just need your own domain name.

I can provide all the support for your customers and upgrades for the software that you sell. When I release a new version then you have access to the new code so that you can offer it to your customers.

I’ll provide you with all the documentation so that you can rebrand it under your name.

You get 100% of the money you make selling the dating software on your website.

I’ll provide all the details that you need to start selling dating software on your website.

I’ll show you how to promote your new dating software business effectively to sell dating software to those in your country looking to start a dating website.

The sell of dating software is a global business and you can now start selling it and earn big revenue.

Cost, Fees & Facts

  • Cost: Contact Us
  • Potential Revenue: $75k-$300k Per Year
  • Hours Required: 5 to 15 Hours Per Week
  • Monthly Support Subscription: $79 (Optional)
  • Training & Support: 30 Days Training Provided
  • Unites Available: 2


  • Your own domain name
  • Your own hosting
  • A desire to make your own money
  • No software/programming knowledge required!

What’s Included?

  • Open Source Dating Software
  • Free Hosting
  • Complete Website and Demo Installation
  • Rebranded Documentation and Guides
  • Access to Software Upgrades
  • Monthly Support
  • Monthly Customer Support

Dating Software Features

The dating software is packed with all the features you could need to run a successful dating software business. Social networking and blog options included in the packages bring a new dimension to user experiences.

Member Features

  • Source Code Provided
  • Mobile Plugin Available
  • Streaming Flash Video
  • Tag Clouds
  • Encoded Video (YouTube style)
  • Webcam Snapshots
  • Configurable timezone / date format
  • Now with a social networking component like Facebook
  • Facebook style Groups
  • Internal Forums (No External App Needed)
  • Internal Blogs (No External App Needed)
  • New Skins Added
  • Unlimited Degrees of Separation (Social Network Feature)
  • Invite Friends; Auto added to friend list when they register
  • Internal Dating Directory to increase Page Rank
  • Powerful Redefined Search
  • My Ideal Match
  • New Banner Rotation System with Admin Tool
  • Level of Compatibility
  • Search Listing by Gallery or Listing
  • Advanced Search with Retractable Menus
  • Quick Search with Thumb View
  • US, Canada, Australian or UK Based Zip Code Search
  • Secure Internal Email
  • Member Blocking/Unblocking
  • Public/Private Blog System
  • Ability to Create unlimited Galleries
  • Events Calendar
  • Encounters (Who has seen me)
  • Who Is Interested In Me (Who has Hotlisted me)
  • My Interests
  • My Matches
  • Rate My Profile
  • Member Payments Tool
  • Turn Profile On/Off (Stealth/Invisible mode)
  • Who’s Online (With Sorting Order)
  • Extensive Profile Upload
  • Hotlist/Friend List
  • Multiple Photo Upload
  • Audio Profile Upload
  • Video Profile Upload
  • Ability to Save Last Search Criteria
  • Match Mail Search
  • Member Control Panel
  • Dynamic Event Notifications
  • Profile Edit Tools
  • Upgrade Options
  • Flirts
  • Tip a Friend

Speed Dating Features

  • Venue Information Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Mutual Matching Logic
  • Online Booking
  • Special Events
  • Events Calendar

Admin Features

  • Forum Admin
  • Spam Control settings
  • Internal / External Mail Blaster (with mail queue)
  • Approve Blog Tool
  • Set Trial Period (days) for Males, Females or Both
  • Database Backup
  • Banner Admin Tool
  • Database Optimization
  • Groups Admin
  • Pricing Configuration
  • News & Stories HTML Editor
  • Manage Modules
  • Skin Selector
  • Editable Email Templates (HTML)
  • Static Page Content Editor (HTML)
  • Definable Flirt Messages
  • Inactive Members Management
  • Manage Geographic Locations
  • Completely redesigned Admin Control Panel
  • Approve Profiles
  • Auto Approve Profiles
  • Member Payments Module
  • Paypal Payment Processor Included
  • 2Checkout Integration (See Note Below)
  • Worldpay Payment Processor Included
  • LinkPointCentral Payment Processor Included
  • CCBill Payment Processor Included
  • iBill Payment Processor Included
  • Payment Processor Included
  • Match Report
  • Demographic Report Module
  • Newsletter Opt Outs
  • Video Profile Configuration Page
  • Audio Profile Configuration Page
  • Monthly Payments Reports
  • Language Module
  • Add Event Module
  • Approve Events Module
  • Approve Reviews Module
  • Premium Features Admin Module
  • Option Admin Module (for changing all drop downs)
  • Date / Time formatting
  • Member Admin Module (for members maintenance)
  • Browse Members Module
  • Parameters Module
  • Email Extractor (export email addresses)
  • Approve Affiliates Module

Affiliate Member Features

  • Now included in all Dating Software Products
  • Redesigned Affiliate Tools
  • Payment Management System
  • Code Retrieval
  • Account Summary Status
  • Transaction Reports

Affiliate Admin Features

  • Affiliate Member Admin Tools
  • Application Approval/Rejection System
  • Affiliate Banner Management System
  • Affiliate Performance Tools
  • Affiliate Payment Tools

Check Out The Demos

To review the dating software demos, simply click on any skin image below and login with the username and password below. The admin control panel can be accessed from the admin control panel link in the top right of each page after logging into the demo. This is the same demo that gets installed into your dating software website.

Username: manager
Password: demo123

Available Skins in the Dating Software Version

I have included 8 new Skins. You can swap the image of any of them to change the niche market.

To use a Skin, simply go to the Admin Control Panel and select Set Parameters and then choose General Options. You will see the drop down for the Skins. Select the Skin you want to use for your dating software and click on Save. Your site will now use that Skin. Below you will find screen shots of the 14 new Skins that are now included in the dating software.

Available Skins in the Dating Software Version

Potential Revenue

This dating software business is a proven high revenue generator and with about 4 other professional dating software providers out there, you’ll be earning revenue quicker than you think.

The amount of money you could potentially make is pretty high. Since most professional packages sell for around $1000 dollars or more and you could potentially recoup your investment in just a few months.

In closing, the dating software industry is really untapped at this moment and getting in early on this opportunity will set you up for a long period of high profits.

If you would like to see proof of these earnings just let me know and I can provide you with some insight.

The Beneifts

By getting this opportunity you reap many rewards. Below are just a few of the benefits that you will get with this opportunity.

  • Being your own boss.
  • Make as much money as you want.
  • Being one of the few dating software providers in the world.
  • You can even start your own dating sites!
  • Work from home.

Ready to get started?

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