Dating Software Frequently Asked Questions

These are just a few of the Frequently Asked Questions that we get from time to time about the dating software. If there’s anything not listed then be sure to let us know.

We do not have our branding in the software. When your site is installed it pulls the site url/name from the actual domain so there is no branding from iDateMedia in the dating software.
The software will run on Linux based servers. Your server will need to have PHP 7.2 and MySQL 5.6+ installed. The standard PHP installation usually includes all the libraries that are required such as GD libs, MHASH etc. For vPlus and Adult vPlus software you will additionally need FFMPEG libraries for video conversion.
The vPlus Dating Software comes with 17 standard template skins each. Each template can be modified to fit your needs whether it be images or color. The premium package includes template modification.
Affiliate Management System will increase your traffic and increase membership by running your own affiliate partnership program. System includes transaction info, banners, payments reports, affiliate management and account summary. The affiliate software is now included in all dating software applications.
Speed dating has been a growing phenomenon for a while now and is becoming a major revenue stream for both traditional non web-based dating agencies and start-ups alike. The concept has proved to be both a popular and an exciting way to meet potential partners without the stress and intimacy of ‘the first date’. Events are organized at local level in which participants can sit with each potential partner for a predetermined time (usually several minutes). Contact details are subsequently released to those couples that both express an interest in each other. For a demo of our speed dating software, be sure to check out our Speed Dating Demo.

Social networking sites like Facebook and others allow people to create a trusted relationship with hundreds of other people. When you become someones friend, you become part of their network of friends so your social network can extend to hundreds or thousands of people. Since Social Networking is a hot topic these days, we’ve now included it in the Dating Software.

The dating scripts software is written in PHP and uses the MySQL database technology. Most hosting companies use PHP and MySQL. Our personals software has been optimized using these languages.

Meta tags are html code that is on every html page. When you go to a site and at the top of the browser you will see that site name. Well, that is the meta tag”Title”. That meta tag gives the site it’s name. Most sites have three important meta tags. They are Title, Description and Keyword. Each plays an important role in your site with regards to Search Engine Placement. In order for a site to have good placement, you must have a good title, keywords and description. You also need to have your keywords appear in your site. The more keyword rich text you have, the better the search engines like it. The personal dating software comes with the meta tags configured for your dating web site.
We have created an Online Dating Marketing Guide for you to download. Simply download the PDF and learn all the things you need to know about marketing your dating site.
Support covers any bug that is found. Our objective is to ensure your dating site works perfectly.
We have worked with the following payment gateway providers: Paypal, 2Checkout, LinkPoint, iBill, ccBill, Verisign,, ANZ, Dibs, USAPay, Nochex, Epoch, InternetSecure, Payflow, PayGate, Paystation and Worldpay†. We will be happy to advise you regarding the capabilities of each provider, what is supported and what is recommended.
Yes, there are two ways to customize the dating software. One is that you can go into the Admin Control Panel and click on Option Admin to change all the drop downs for all the profile questions. You can add new ones, rename old ones and delete them. You can also set the order for which they appear in the drop down. All the text that is in the dating site comes from the language file. So, effectively you can change the drop downs and change the text for the profile questions throughout the profile setup on the personals software. The other way to customize the dating site software requires a knowledge of php and mysql. That is for the seasoned developers. We can customize your internet dating software for you if you wish. So, if you need custom work, just itemize your request and send it off to us and we’ll quote each item separately.
The dating scripts software is written in PHP and uses the MySQL database technology. Most hosting companies use PHP and MySQL. Our personals software has been optimized using these languages. You want to use PHP 7.2 and MySQL 5.6.
The dating software comes with the English language only. If you want to create your own language file then you will have to edit the English language file and replace the English text with the text language of your choice. Then just upload that language file to your language folder on your dating site as the language.php i.e. english.php, spanish.php, russian.php etc..
Yes, the dating software is template based and has a standard header and footer. The new vPlus version now has Skins (Templates) that can be turned off or on depending on which template you choose. You may want to create your own or edit the existing Skin and those header/footer files are located in the Skins directory. For Dating Software ver 7.2 you will find the Template Admin in the Admin Control Panel and can edit the templates there.
Installation of the dating software on your hosting takes about 30 minutes. You should have MySQL 5.6 and PHP 7.2.
Yes, we provide free installation but if you wish to install it we provide an install guide and admin guide.

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