Welcome to iDateMedia

The global choice in professional dating software solutions used by well known dating sites such as FarmersOnly.com and ThaiLoveLines.com.

iDateMedia has been in the dating software business since 2001 and has included the features you need to run a successful dating website. We don’t add fluff that you don’t need. All you need is included in the dating software.

Dating Software USAiDateMedia is an American company located right here in Portland, Oregon unlike other dating software providers that pretend to be in America. 

Whether you want to start a dating site or a community dating site or a social site, iDateMedia has you covered with the most revenue generating dating software features on the internet not to mention being used by some of the largest niche market dating sites out there.

Since we’ve been in the dating software business for almost 20 years we’ve learned quite a bit and we pass this important dating knowledge straight to you.

Here’s a list of the services that iDateMedia provides:

  • Dating Software Solutions
  • Custom Dating Software Solutions
  • Dating Site Marketing Solutions
  • Niche Market Creation
  • Advertising Network
  • Dating Website Security Solutions
  • Trustalyze Confidence System

Global Acceptance

Not only is our dating software globally accepted but our dating software and customers have been profiled on CNN and other media outlets throughout the world.

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What do you get with iDateMedia Dating Software?

  • Free Lifetime Hosting (Premium Package)
  • Free Upgrades
  • Free Support
  • Free Marketing Help
  • All Source Code Included

iDateMedia is the only dating software solution used by some of the largest niche market dating sites on the Internet.

More FAQ’s About iDateMedia

Is your dating software 100% open source?

Yes, we do not encrypt our dating software so it's completely open source which means if you know PHP then you can make modifications to the software.

What top dating sites use iDateMedia?

One of the biggest niche market dating sites in America is FarmersOnly.com and they use our dating software. Others include ThaiLoveLines, PennStateDating and others.

Where is iDateMedia located?

We are located in the United States in Portland, Oregon. Unlike all other dating software providers located in Eastern Europe.

Is your dating software globally accepted?

Yes, if you're looking to start a dating site globally then you can. It doesn't matter what country you're in our what country you target.