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Start a Profitable Dating Business Today!

iDateMedia offers several unique business platforms to help you become profitable in the dating & eCommerce space.

Key Dating Software Features
Key Dating Software Features Two

Start a Professional Dating Site

iDateMedia dating software is the most widely used dating software application for starting a niche market dating site. Trusted by top niche dating sites like, and others.

Custom Dating Software Solutions

Are you looking to create a custom dating site that is uniquely different than any other dating site out there? Then talk to iDateMedia before you start. We will help guide you in the right direction so you can save thousands and build the next uniquely huge dating site.

Custom Dating Software Products
Dating Business Consultancy Service

Dating Business Consultancy

Want to make the kind of money large niche market dating sites make? iDateMedia has launched a Dating Business Consultancy service designed to take your niche market dating site to the next level. Me and my team are here to help you with your new niche dating venture and that includes advising you on niche dating strategies and more.

Not Just For Dating

Our unique software can also be used for any profile based business. By simply changing the genders and profile questions you can create sites like job boards, real estate sites, roommate sites or any type of profile based website.

Profile Based Online Businesses
Custom Web Development

Custom Web Development

iDateMedia does more than just dating. Over the last 20 years we have helped customers create unique web solutions from custom websites to custom mobile app development. We use the latest web 3.0 development practices to create next level web projects.

Buy Dating Profiles

iDateMedia offers over 5000 US dating profiles to help your new dating site look busy. These profiles should be added before you start building your profile base. 

Buy Dating Profiles
Dating Software Business Banner

Be a Dating Software Provider

iDateMedia has opened up a new business opportunity for those looking to break into the dating software business. For about the same amount of money it takes to start a dating site, you can become a dating software provider and make more money!