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Create Profile Based Websites

Don’t be limited by the possibilities. Create any type of profile based website with our unique software platform.

Profile Based Business

Profile Based Business Websites

Because our dating software is profile driven you can start any type of profile based business including:

Employment Site

Job boards are all the rage these days. Simply create your own employment job board.

Automobile Site

Create your own unique car sales site where people can list their cars for sale. 

Community site

Whether it’s a dating site or a community site you can create one easily with iDateMedia dating software.

Nanny Share Site

Create your own nanny share where families can search for nanny’s or nanny’s looking for families.

Roommate Site

Create your own roommate site where people search for rooms to rent or renters looking for roommates.

How It's Done

The dating software pulls all language from the language file and that includes genders. You can change male and female to other options. For example, say you’re creating a job board site where you have employers and employees. You can rename male to employers and female to employees. Change that and your profile questions and you can create any type of profile based website.

Create your profile based site now.

Let us help you catapult your new site idea into reality!