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When buying dating profiles there are a few things you need to consider.

Buying Dating Profiles

When you buy dating software most the time the dating site will be empty or it will have a few sample dating profiles inside it and this leads to the biggest question we get about the dating site. How do you get members on a dating site?

Buying Dating Profiles

As a rule you should grow your member base organically with family, friends, co-workers, FB, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. That will help build your dating site but do remember, find a niche beforehand. In the mean time you can put some profiles on your dating site to make it not look empty. iDateMedia sells 5000 US dating profiles that are designed to make your site look a little busy but it’s very important that once you get a good profile base of real people that you go back and remove those 5000 profiles that were added in the beginning.

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