Buy Dating Profiles That Work

There’s always been a negative connotation associated with buying dating profiles but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Buying Dating Profiles

When you buy dating software most the time the dating site will be empty or it will have a few sample dating profiles inside it and this leads to the biggest question we get about the dating site. How do you get members on a dating site? While most dating software providers will sell you dating profiles it’s time that you learned the truth about these profiles.

Buying Dating Profiles

Why would you buy a dating site with profiles already on it? If you ran a generic dating site then this might be a decent thing to do but 99% of our customers are running niche market dating sites and that means that their profile base is specific to their niche so how would a dating software provider have profiles for a niche they don’t know of? They won’t. They are selling you fake dating profiles that won’t match your niche so don’t do it!

As a rule you should grow your member base organically with family, friends, co-workers, FB Groups and so on. That will help build your dating site but do remember, find a niche beforehand.

Should I Not Buy Dating Profiles?

That answer is really up to you. Most reputable dating sites grew their member base from zero to what it is now. That takes a bit of time and effort and it can be done but buying dating profiles can help you jump start your dating site. The key here is to get dating profiles that match your niche and 50% of the time your niche is not going to have a supply of dating profiles to help you out. Dating Software Markets.

There are dating profile providers that have many niches and we do have some listed on our partners page but again, keep in mind that these sellers might now have what you need.

Are They Real Dating Profiles?

That’s another great question. Are they real? That depends on what site you’re getting them from and where they get them from.

A lot of dating profile providers have large databases of profiles and what we’ve learned is that these profiles can be older so care should be used when buying them. You also have to be careful of shady profile dealers that will sell you fake profiles.

What’s The Key Takeaway For Buying Profiles?

Couple things to remember. When buying dating profiles be sure you get them for your niche. If they are older profiles then be sure to remove them once you get real members on your site. You don’t want your customers contacting them and not getting replies. That can hurt you in the end.

Make sure your dating profiles are mostly women. That’s if you’re using a male/female type dating site. More men will join your site so having more female profiles will keep them on your dating site longer.