New GoNative Mobile App Beta

If you’re looking your full dating site into an app that bypasses our native swipe mobile dating app then keep reading.

What is GoNative?

GoNative is a custom development company that offers free Android and iOS versions of websites.

We have recently started using dating app development services from, that will let you convert your dating site into an iOS and Android app. Now we must point out that this is just beta at this time for we are still testing this out. So far we have had some really good results with it. You can download our Android version here.

Why Is This Different?

Our native swipe dating app doesn’t include all the dating features that are in the web/desktop version. This is because of space as well as the highly requested need for just the basic Tinder/Bumble style features but what makes this solution different is that it can take your whole dating site and put it into an app.

Now I do need to state that we’re merely in the beta stages of testing this new app but what we’ve seen so far shows that it’s very promising.

If you want to check out the Android version, simply download the APK file below. When you install it, you might get a Not Supported error. You can then just bypass that error and manually install the app. This will install the demo dating site as an Android app on your phone.

Download for Android

Download the APK file and install it. Once you install it then login with the username/password of manager/userpass which is the demo login for the dating demo. Once you login you should be able to do all the functions of the desktop. Again, I do need to preface that this is still in beta for us with more testing to do with it.