New Monnected Dating App

iDateMedia is launching a brand new dating app project called The Monnected Dating App which is going to be the next generation dating app to compete with Match, Bumble, eHarmony, Tinder and pretty much all mainstream dating apps.

Now’s your chance to get in on being a part owner of this awesome new dating app project. Starting today, when you purchases either the Premium or Platinum dating software packages, you will get a percentage of equity in this new dating app project. Equity means that you’ll be earning money from Monnected every single month forever.

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Monnected is a play on two words which are Mental and Connected. While we can’t go into great detail of all the features in the dating app, I can tell you that it takes emotional and mental intelligence to help people find the partner they’ve been looking for.

Gone are the days of the negative aspects of online dating apps. Monnected will revolutionize the dating industry with features and functions designed with every single dating person in the world. With over 270 million people using dating apps in just the US alone, Monnected will provide something for everyone.

So when you buy iDateMedia dating software package, you will receive a percentage of equity in the Monnected company.

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For a complete prospectus on Monnected you’ll need to complete a signed NDA. Contact us for more details.

Update: This investment opportunity has ended.