Dating Software 11.2 Now Available

iDateMedia is pleased to announce the launch of iDateMedia Dating Software version 11.2 which is now available to all customers.

Some of the new features and updates you’ll find in version 11.2 of the dating software are as follows:

New Headers – Now you can have an image on the header or just a color space. This pushes the menu items down into a new bar that you can change the colors for. This function reduces the size of the top header. This is now an option in Admin, Tools, Menu Bar.

New Photo Rotation Tool – Now your members can rotate their images before submitting them. This is because some users take photos with their iPhones or Android phones with different orientations so this corrects that. No more sideways photos!

New Menu Navigation System – Since the header has changed (Members Area) you can now push the menu system down into the bar.

Responsive Mobile Image – With this version you can now add a new mobile image to the front index page for the responsive aspect. You can keep the current color or replace it with a mobile friendly image. That image should be no smaller than 320×768.

New Profile View – We have changed the profile view to make it more video friendly. Now users can display their videos in a new slider on their profile view. We’ve also added a new quick email function right from the profile view. Be sure to check out the Dating Software Demo to see this new profile view.

New Video View – A new video slider has been added to the profile view.

Updated Live Video Chat – We have enhanced the live video chat to be faster. Our live video chat does not require a third party. It’s integrated via HTML5/WebRTC.

Updated Responsive Design – The responsive design has been updated to be faster loading and allow for responsive images on the index page.

New Members Administration – We have modified the member admin function to display more data on the screen to the admin. No more scrolling.

Updated Meet Me – We have modified the Meet Me function. This is basically a Hot or Not style feature. It’s bigger and more streamlined.

As previously mentioned, we are wrapping up a development update on our mobile dating app. We have the updated app slated for release next month. We’re very close to the finish line for the development and will release it to all Platinum dating software package holders once we release it. If you do not have your  Apple iTunes account or Google Play account, be sure to get that ready before the end of June so that you can push the app to your account once it’s released. If you’re curious for more details about the app, know that it works like Tinder/Bumble in that it’s focused on a Swipe Left/Right function with chat, email, discover (search), FB registration, profiles and more. Be sure to check out our mobile dating app page for more details.

The previous blog post refers to new templates being added. We have not released those template just yet but they will be ready when we release the mobile app.