Create a Dating Website

How to Create a Dating Website in 3 Easy Steps?

In order to create a dating website, you can follow these steps outlined below:

  1. Create Your Domain Name. This involves doing a bit of searching on GoDaddy to ensure it’s not being used.
  2. Get Professional Dating Software. More top niche dating sites including FarmersOnly use iDateMedia dating software for their professional dating site needs. Complete with free lifetime hosting, free upgrades and free support.
  3. Market your dating site. Not sure how to market your dating site? Check out our Podcast or simply contact us and we’ll show you exactly how to do it with no money.

If you’re looking to create a dating website then know that it’s easier and cheaper than you think. You don’t need to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on Dating Software like you’ll find on other overseas dating software providers. Here at iDateMedia we feel that you don’t need to spend thousands and the reality is that it’s not always about how good something might look. It’s about the market and content. For example, just look at some of our top dating software customers like FarmersOnly. They bought a few years ago and never changed the interface. It’s an older style and yet they do millions of dollars each month so don’t get hung up on the cosmetics of it all.

Create a Dating Website And They Will Come?

Well, it’s sort of true. You can create a dating website based on your niche and will they come? Yes and no. If you’re in an unsaturated niche then it’s quite possible that when you create your dating website that they can find it on Google. But if the market you’re looking to build a dating website in is a bit saturated then you’re going to have to use some social media marketing tactics. This can be done without spending any money. If you’re looking to do social media marketing free or on a small budget then I highly recommend you listen to my Dating Business Podcast and in particular, the Social Media Marketing one. It’s at the bottom of the Podcast page.

Create a Dating Website

Don’t spend thousands. Again, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a dating software package. There are only a few dating software providers in the world and we’re the only real ones here in the states. The others are in Russia and charge you between $5000 and $10,000 dollars just for the dating software and don’t fall for the dating app that they push. Right now Apple is rejecting most dating apps because the dating app marketplace on iTunes is saturated. This is why we focus on responsive design.

Why spend $10,000 on a dating site if you fail? If you’re going to fail, which we hope you don’t and can help you succeed, why spend $10,000 when you can spend less than $1000 dollars? Again, check out FarmersOnly, our customer. They didn’t spend thousands on their dating software and they have over 4 million members and over 1 million active members. Do the math and you’ll find out they do over $1 million a month in subscription payments. All with our dating software so again, don’t spend thousands on dating software and apps. You don’t need to do that.

The most important parts of a dating site to consider when you’re looking to create a dating website include having these functions. These are dating site core essentials.

  • Register
  • Login
  • Custom Profiles
  • Search/Advanced Search
  • Internal Email/External Notifications
  • Live Video Chat
  • Membership Upgrades
  • User Verification (Get Verified)
  • Customized Quizzes
  • Compatibility Matches

That’s it. Sure you can make a better offering but people want those basic features in a dating site. Sure you can have Flirts, Winks and other enhanced functions people really want to meet people and get on with their lives. Again, check out FarmersOnly and you’ll see how basic it is. Don’t pay for over the top crap your members will never really use. Check out our Dating Software Addon Modules.

Don’t Pay For Marketing Your New Dating Site

As I have stated earlier, there’s no need to spend money on marketing once you create your dating website. This is because there are ways to market your new dating website on Twitter without spending money. I’ve gone over how to do this a few times here on the site and in my podcasts but I’ll break it down quickly for you here.

Create a Dating Website

Create your Twitter account and get it all set up with banner image, account image, about text and URL pointing back to your dating site you just created. What you want to do now is go out to big name dating sites like Match, Tinder, eHarmony and others and look at their Followers. Then start Following them. Stats show that around 15% might Follow you back. That’s free marketing. When you do 500 account Follows per day you could easily get 75 new Followers per day and what you want to do is Tweet often about your new dating site. Tweet about the niche, the features and why you created your dating site. Do the same thing for other Twitter users in your niche. If your new dating site is for single hikers then go out and Follow Patagonia Followers. Go out and search for Hiking on Twitter and start Following those account Followers. This will help you grow your base quicker than you think. That’s how you do it on Twitter with no money whatsoever.

In Closing

As you can see you don’t need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars when you create a dating website. You can also spend NO money (Free Marketing) on social media marketing if you follow the above steps. Now it’s easier than ever to create a dating website and when you get free hosting, free installation, free upgrades and free support, you pay one time and never pay again and we’re here to help you have a new successful dating website project. Ready to get started? Contact Us. Be sure to read our post about How to Create a Dating App.

More Create a Dating Website FAQ’s

How much does it cost for hosting a dating website?

If you're going to create a dating website then know that we offer free lifetime hosting for your dating site.

Does the dating software have payment gateways?

Yes, it includes PayPal, 2Checkout, ccBill,, Square, Stripe and more.

How fast can I create a dating website?

It takes about 30 minutes to create a dating website that includes free hosting, free upgrades, free support and free marketing help.