Tips For Starting a Dating Site

You’re either looking to start a dating site from scratch or you’ve already got a following on social media and you’re looking to make that transition from social media to an actual dating site. iDateMedia has provided some awesome tips to help you start a dating site.

Start a Dating Site

Starting a dating site is not as easy as one would think. You have to put some thought into a few things including your domain name, dating software and dating site marketing. Going in blindly could result in too much money being spent and wasted.

Start a Dating Site


Your domain name should reflect what your market is. If you’re into hiking and looking to start a singles site for hikers then you’ll want to have that word “Hiking” in your domain name. Some might tell you that Google doesn’t put much weight in domain names but that’s just not the case. If two sites are the same and have the same SEO then Google will give more weight to the domain that had the keyword in it.

Put effort into finding that right domain name. You don’t need to buy one from a broker. They are very expensive. Simply run a few words together like hiking4singles, hikersingles and so on. Use a couple words and come up with something unique. If you need help coming up with a domain name please Contact Us and we’ll help you come up with one.

Once you have your domain name you’ll need to find the right dating software. Our dating software is used by more top niche dating sites including, and more. Our dating software is built to hold millions of dating profiles and photos. No other dating software platform can do that. That’s why top dating sits use iDateMedia. Be sure to check out the Dating Software Demos as well as all the Dating Software Features. Got questions? Just ask.

Every website needs hosting. Hosting is where all the files and databases are stored. You won’t install this dating software on your computer. You’ll need a fully qualified hosting environment. As a dating software customer of iDateMedia, you get lifetime free hosting. These are dedicated servers and you can host your dating site on them for as long as you need. So there’s no need to spend money on hosting, it’s included.

Running a Dating Site

Once you have started your dating site, running it will be the easiest thing. Why? Because we have done all the work for you. Once a user registers, creates a profile and adds photos, those immediately go to the admin area for you to approve. This way you see all the content that is being put on your site. Spammers will try to get through so when you scrutinize all the content, you block all that crap out. This is what makes a dating site successful.

Running a Dating Site

Since you don’t need to worry about hosting, you can spend your time working on your site like creating blogs, approving content and marketing your new dating site. If you continue reading then you’ll learn how to market your new dating site.

Again, since you don’t need to worry about hosting, you won’t need to worry about the technical side. We host the site so we ensure that the environment is stable and updated. This includes security as well. You want to make sure you keep good password management. That means change your cpanel/admin area passwords frequently. Don’t store them where people can get to them. Try to memorize them as well as let Chrome store them as a saved password in your browser.

Marketing a Dating Site

Now comes the fun part. You’ve got your dating site up and running and now you need to grow the profile base (In free mode). Once you get a few thousand people then you can start to charge memberships. Remember, no one is going to pay if there aren’t any members.

Marketing a Dating Site

You want to utilize social media to grow your profile base. This means using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Those are the top four social media platforms you want to use. If you listen to my Dating Software Podcast, Episode One, I’ll show you how to use these platforms and build your dating site profile base free.

When it comes to marketing, you want to make sure that you’re consistent and that you’re sending the right message. If you’ve started a Hikers dating site then your content you’re creating on these social media sites should reflect hiking. You’re the expert in hiking right? Push tips, techniques and how to’s out to the masses. Just don’t give up.

Don’t stop marketing. You want to push as much marketing as you can. You can use sites like HootSuite to automate these so you can free up more time.

As I stated above, don’t give up. You might be tempted to give up after a few months but those that don’t give up reap the biggest rewards. It can take a bit of time to build your profile base and following so don’t be 6 months down the road wishing you had started and kept it going. My customers that have the largest profile bases in their niche make the most money because they didn’t give up. It’s not uncommon to make 5 figures A MONTH! You just have to not give up and be consistent and talk to me. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years. I can help you stay focused.

In Closing

Starting a dating site is fun and rewarding provided you don’t give up. Choose the right domain name, dating software, hosting and marketing efforts and you’ll be on your way to a successful dating site venture.