Metaverse Dating

If you’ve been involved with the Internet for very long then you know things can evolve creatively and evolve fast. One thing that people are starting to pay attention to is the Metaverse. Now a lot of people will ask what is the Metaverse? I’ll explain the Metaverse as well as how it corresponds to the dating world so strap in. Like the Internet was in 1995, Metaverse is going to blast you off and take you where you’ve never been before.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse can be referred to as a digital universe that can be accessed through virtual reality and it’s something that Facebook is currently working. This is designed to move people out of the existing static world of photos, videos and post texts and into the augmented reality world. This will be accessed through virtual reality headsets or augmented reality glasses that are designed to superimpose the digital world into and onto the physical world.

Dating in the Metaverse

Sounds crazy right? Not really because augmented reality via gaming has been here for a while. With the Metaverse, expect those to become more of an everyday thing. Yeah, you’re going to want to buckle up for the Metaverse because that’s where we’re moving to and it’s extremely exciting.

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The Dating Metaverse

The next level for dating will be dating in the Metaverse. So when you’re dating in the metaverse, it will feel like you’re right in the room together making eye contact, having a conversation with a shared sense of space, and not just looking at a computer rendering of the other person’s face but actually physical presence of you in the same room. Think of it like a hologram of two people actually seeing and interacting with one another. Sounds strange right? It is but that’s where we’re going and in an age of a pandemic, it makes total sense.

Can you imagine wearing sunglasses and seeing your date right in front of you? Or maybe having the ability to wear your sunglasses that propel you into a virtual cafe where you and your date can actually have a conversation.

When is Metaverse Coming?

So when is the Dating Metaverse coming? Right now platforms are already designed to host these realities. In order to get these to become more of a universal reality we need more infrastructure and right now there are companies doing just that. Companies like Axie Infinity, Decentraland, Sandbox and others have built and are expanding out these platforms to support the Metaverse so it won’t be long before you’ll start seeing the dating world morphing into the Metaverse.

iDateMedia has jumped into this world head first and is now working on creating a new Metaverse presence that will allow the easy integration and migration of the dating world into this new realm that will connect your dating site and members to the Metaverse through the creation of restaurants, cafes, theaters, clubs, coffee shops and more where your members can explore virtual dates, meetings and connections like they’ve never experienced before.

How Can I Get Connected?

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