Dating Software Business Strategy

Dating Site Business Strategies

You’re interested in starting a dating site but you’re not sure of how to run it. Below I have outlined a few things that you need to do from a business standpoint. These are a mix of standard business strategies as well as those that pertain to selling dating software.

Here’s a little list of things you will need to do after you get it all setup:

  1. Set your Google Analytics. You want to be able to track where your visitors are coming from and where they are going on your site. While I’ve streamlined the sales funnel for your site you still want to see the data and GA provides that. Getting a GA account is free. Just go to and start there.
  2. Get a phone number. You can use your cell phone or a landline. If you want to use a free internet phone number then you can get one from Google Voice. Just go to to get a free voice number and set the number to forward to your cell phone. You won’t miss a call that way.

Setting Up Dating Site Business

As for setting up a company for your new business, that is debatable. You don’t have to but once you start generating income you might want to. If you’re in the US and want to get a company for your new dating site business then I recommend starting a LLC and Wyoming is a good place since there is no state tax there. All profits will be passed on to you where you just fine personal income tax as you normally do but again, you don’t need a LLC to do it but if you’re hellbent on doing it then Wyoming is where you want to form the LLC. You should visit to form it. It’s cheap and fast.

Marketing Your Dating Site

As for marketing your site, you’ll want to create a FB page as well as an Instagram page. You can do Twitter if you want but I don’t like Twitter these days. It’s really up to you. Post to them often. Also, be sure to write some articles on your site say once or twice a month. Google loves fresh content so keeping your site content going will bode well for SEO.

As I’ve always stated, respond fast and courteous to your dating site visitors. Being an ass will only cause less sales. Give them the Warm Fuzzies.

These are just a few business strategies that you will need to do. I do reserve more business strategies for our customers.

Be sure to contact me if you have any questions.