Staying Up To Date

When it comes to dating software and the business of starting a dating site, you want to make sure that you’re updating the software when a new version comes out. Putting a new version out not only fixes things but also ensures you’re running the latest and greatest version we have. .

iDateMedia pushes out about 4 updates a year so once you start your dating site it’s important for you to get the updates we push. This ensures that your dating site is at the current version. The biggest benefit from updating your dating site is that the upgrades will usually correct any issues that arise. This ensures less time spending on a support issue and when you’re not dealing with support issues you can use that time to market your dating site.

The old saying is true, a clean house is a happy house. So be sure to keep your site is updated to the latest versions and if you have any questions please let us know. I’m here to help.

Again, it’s very important to get the updates that we push out for corrections and new features will be in the upgrades. As a customer of iDateMedia, you get those updates at no charge.