How To Start a Dating Site

How to Start a Dating Site

You reached this page because you were looking for information on how to start a dating site. It’s as easy as you could imagine and I’ll lay out the details before for you but first a little bit about

We’ve been doing dating software since 2001 when we launched one of the first commercial dating software products on the web. We’ve grown a lot since 2001 and so many things have gone into the software to make it successful.

Easy As 1, 2, 3

All you need is a domain name and we’ll do the rest. We’ll setup your dating site on our hosting for free. We’ll hand it off to you so that you can set it up how you want then we’re here in a support/marketing capacity. Doesn’t get any easier than that.

If you need a domain name check out GoDaddy. If you already have one then awesome, we’re ready to get it setup. You just have to point it to your servers so when you buy one of our packages you’ll get simple instructions on how to start a dating site with

Are You Ready?

Are you ready? Get started today starting a dating site and start making money from your new niche market dating site. Contact Us to get started.