Online Dating: The Most Stable Business Model During Crisis

While we’re all practicing social distancing, a vast majority of people are looking for work from home businesses to start. A business that could potentially weather the global pandemic and one particular space is doing very well and that’s the online dating space.

Why Is Online Dating So Huge During Crisis?

When we’re all ordered to stay home people are spending a lot of time on the Internet and dating sites are seeing huge amounts of traffic and that generates more revenue for dating site owners.

Dating sites offer unique ways to communicate with other people and that’s through live video chat so now more than ever people are looking at dating sites to cure many things and those include loneliness and boredom and that equals big money for dating site owners.

Bottom line is that when people stay home they’re on the Internet more. Singles are looking for other singles and that’s why dating is huge during a crisis.

Quarantining Doesn’t Mean All Bad

I recently read a story about how a couple went out on a first date and ended up being quarantined together. They had went to the same bar and contracted Covid19 and after testing positive they decided to ride it out together.

Quarantine Dating Software

Others took the time to join dating sites looking for others that might be in the same situation as they were. More and more people were doing this.

Another story involved a Covid19 dating site and a couple that spent a lot of time on live video chat and they decided to finally meet since they both tested positive for the virus. That progressed into a pretty nice quarantine and needless to say they’ve been together ever since.

Should I Start A Niche Dating Site?

Absolutely! Right now is the perfect time to start a dating site. All you need is a niche and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll handle the dating software, the hosting, the installation and the support while you focus on building your new dating site.

Again, you just need a niche and a niche could include any special interest that you have or possibly a hobby. Whatever you’re into there are others that will be into it.

In Closing

Pandemic and crisis dating sites are starting to pop up and just like any other global thing going on a dating site is and can be geared around it and lets not take away the severity of the situation because it’s bad but we do have to find some bright side in the whole thing and if it’s a dating site then why not if it makes people feel better?

At the end of the day you should all be staying safe and from the team here at iDateMedia, we wish you all a safe and healthy quarantine. 🙂