Successful Dating Site Strategy

Our competitors try to tell you that they have the most powerful dating software that is loaded with features but what they don’t tell you is how to be successful. These dating software providers are only interested in selling you dating software in the hopes that you go away but we do things completely different. Onward we go…

What Features Do I Really Need?

When dating software providers are throwing in everything but the kitchen sink what is really needed are features that will make you money but the key thing is not the bells and whistles that your software might have. It all boils down to two things. The niche you’re in and the members you have. Everything else is null and void.

Dating Software Features

The key features you need are email, live video chat, flirt/wink and payment gateways. and other top dating sites don’t sell themselves as having the latest and greatest features. They sell themselves on getting people matched. That’s it and niche market dating is the same in that respect. Anything else is unnecessary fluff designed to trick you into buying software.

How Can I Be Successful?

As I have stated above, other dating software providers only care about the volume of packages that they can sell. If you’ve ever experienced some of these overseas providers then you know what I mean. More and more of our customers have tried those only to be completely left in the dark after the sale.

Success with Dating Software

What is important to remember is that we provide ongoing help with your site after the sale and our customers know that. Just read our reviews. We have over 20 years in the online dating business. From running our own dating sites to selling dating software and everything else in the middle and we pass that knowledge on to you. Don’t take my word for it, just read our dating software blogs and you’ll see that we write about things we know about and that is running dating sites. That’s why you have major niche dating sites like and using our dating script. Why? Because it works and we stand behind it.

To be successful you need to do a few things. One of which is don’t give up. Never give up. If you have a good niche going then keep in mind that it does take some time and right now more than ever you should have a lot of time to help grow your site. Below are a few things you need to do to grow your site.

  • Promote on all social media platforms
  • Write blogs and articles about your niche
  • Stand behind your site and be public with it
  • Stay current with news and information
  • Create videos and post them to YouTube
  • Ask dating related blog sites for link exchanges
  • Ask members for feedback

Be sure to read our post Dating Site Marketing Tips 2020.

Again, do not give up. Giving up after a couple months only lets someone else come in and take over where you could be successful so don’t give up!

What Niche Should I Consider?

This is a question I get a lot and it all comes down to what you’re interested in. If you’re into farming then running a city styled dating site is not a good idea. If you’re into hiking then starting a couch potato dating site won’t work.

Niche Dating Software

If you have hobbies and interest then you want to start a dating site around those interests but be sure to expand upon those niches. If you’re into hiking then create a dating site for hikers that love wine or hikers that love to rock climb. That’s expanding on a niche creating a super niche and that is where the money is but don’t just start one site, start a few of them around those niches.

If you need help creating a niche then contact us and we’ll walk you through getting the right niche setup for you.

Play To The News

Watching the news to find out what’s trending in the world is a good way to create a niche. Maybe there’s a new fashion trend or some new sport that’s getting big. That means you could start a dating site around that trend. Make sure it’s a trend that you like. The last thing you don’t want is a dating site geared towards something you’re not interested in.

Watch the News

Right now (March 2020), the whole country is in a sort of lock down state with the Corona virus. What this current situation has shown us is that we need to be doing more to protect our health, well being as well as your family so the word “Prepper” has become more common but these “Preppers” have been around for a while and you’re starting to see people creating prepper dating sites around them. Just another dating site idea that you could consider.

In Conclusion

To end on this I’ll point out that to be successful you should not give up. That’s the key thing. Find a niche that works for you so that it becomes fun and not a hassle. Go with a dating software package that will work and help you make money.

Our customers come to us on a daily basis asking questions about how to do this or how to do that. If we’re not writing it in a blog we’re telling them how to do it. We don’t charge for that stuff. We only charge for the dating software itself. All the talk, pointers, advice, tips, tricks and techniques are all free. Heck, we even help you change the images, text and colors on your dating site at no charge. Even 5 months down the road. If you need a change just ask.

If we left something out, which we might have then let us know. We’re all working from home these days with screaming kids so things are a bit crazy and sometimes stressful but you can do this. You can be successful and with our help we know you will.

Stay safe and stay healthy!