Prepper Singles Dating Site Market

I knew it was a matter of time before I would be writing a post like this but it wasn’t a question of if but when and when is now here. As a small Prepper myself I have been aware of a few Prepper style dating sites that existed out there over the years but what I don’t see are Prepper dating sites in all major cities so the reason for this post is to show you how you could start a Prepper style dating site during times like these.

The reason you didn’t see a lot of Prepper singles dating sites is because a lot of people thought they was stupid. Bet they don’t feel that way now.

If you’re looking to start a dating site and you’re a Prepper then this might be what you’ve been looking to do to work online and from home.

What Is A Prepper?

A Prepper is defined as a person who believes that a catastrophic disaster or emergency is likely going to occur in the near future and makes active preparations for it by stockpiling food, weapons, ammunition, and other supplies to see them through emergencies and what’s really funny are those people that laughed at all those Preppers. Who’s laughing now?

What is a Prepper?

As I stated above, I’ve been a small prepper in terms of making sure I have enough emergency food, water and supplies for my family. That consisted of buying a few months worth of dried food with 20 plus years storage shelf life from companies such as Wise Food Storage. Visiting their website a couple days ago I could see that they are basically sold out and their prices seemed to have doubled in the last few months. This should be a lesson for all of you out there that being prepared for an emergency is critical. So once this Corona thing passes it would be a good idea for you to make sure you have a few months of rations available should something like this happen again.

Back to the Prepper style dating idea.

Why Start  A Prepper Singles Dating Site?

Are you a Prepper? If you’re living in a metropolis area with a large population then a Prepper singles site might be a good idea for a dating site to start.

Right now Prepper stuff are in the news. Simply because of the times we’re in right now. If you’re out there and you practice being a Prepper then a Prepper dating site is probably right up your ally. In terms of starting one, there’s always an angle to approach when starting a Prepper dating site. Below I’ve listed a few niche ideas for expanding on the Prepper singles style dating site.

  • Christian Preppers
  • Preppers that rifle hunt
  • Preppers that bow hunt
  • Preppers that fish
  • Preppers that love dirt bikes
  • Preppers that make their own wine
  • Preppers that canning
  • And many many more…

The idea here is to tap into a market and expand it into a super niche market. Sure you can start a Prepper dating site for the masses but you can also create super niches for it too. You can create a generic Prepper dating site and then create tons of super niches as additional Prepper dating sites installed into sub-folders or sub-domains on your site.

For example, say you have (Currently Available) and then you could setup say 30 different sub-domains like or and so on. Simply promote all your additional domains at the footer of your site.

Can I Make Money With A Prepper Singles Site?

You sure can. Because the dating software allows for banner ads where you can promote Prepper stuff all throughout your site and earn commissions from when people click those links and or go to those sites and buy something. A Prepper dating site should be promoting Prepper things like food, storage, devices, security, clothing and other Prepper style accessories. The things most people want when the SHTF (Google that if you don’t know it).

In the admin area you simply add the banners/code that you want to show and that’s it. We have banner space in the top and bottom of the dating software. You can put 728×90 or 468×60 size banner ads.

You can add Adsense or promote other people’s products via affiliate programs. Don’t focus on just one product. Find a website that has an affiliate program and add many different products to the banner rotation. The more you have the more you can offer your members and that equals more commission money for you.

Can I Convert My Dating Site To Prepper Style?

Sure you can. If you’re an outdoors type dating site or a farmers dating site or something related then you can simply promote Prepper style stuff. I’m 100% certain that if you’re running a farmers type dating site then your members could benefit from Prepper products being promoted on your site. Think outside the box here and right now everyone can use Prepper related things. Just saying…

In Conclusion

The bottom line is you can start a Prepper dating site. If you’re into prepping, outdoors, hunting, fishing, canning etc, then you can start a Prepper singles dating site and given the current situation around the world, now seems like the best time to do so and don’t worry about people laughing at you because the ones laughing are the ones that will want help from you!

Stay safe!