Progressive Dating Software

What Is Progressive Dating Software?

Progressive is defined as something that takes steps to get to a certain point and the advancement of dating software is nothing different.

Different dating software providers will tell you that they have progressive dating software but a simple look at the demo will tell you nothing more than they have tricked you into thinking that their software is progressive when in reality, it’s not. The old saying does “Putting lipstick on a pig”. It’s a rhetorical expression that is used to push a message that making superficial or cosmetic changes to a dating software application is nothing more than a futile attempt to disguise the true nature of a dating software hence the term “Putting lipstick on a pig”. 

Why All The Hoopla?

When dating software providers tell you that their dating software is progressive it’s because they don’t have anything else to tell you in hopes of you buying their dating software. Adding more fluffy things won’t make you more money.

Where Do We Go To From Here?

You have to get the dating software that works for you. Whether you get it from us or not. Here at iDateMedia we will sell you the dating software that you need to be successful. We won’t add trigger words to it to try to trick you into buying it. It’s why our customers are successful. Why? Because we have the right software to make money and nothing else that your customers won’t use. Large dating sites like ThaiLoveLines and FarmersOnly all know this.

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