Web Dating Software

What Is Web Dating Software?

You reached this post because you’re looking at web dating software or a dating script to start a dating site. While there are many dating sites out there you want to able to stand out in a crowd and that means you have to go niche and niche means you have to create a specialty dating site geared towards peoples hobbies/activities. For example, you could start a dating site for Christians who love RV’ing or Catholics that love motorcycle riding. The possibilities are endless and that means there’s money to me made in creative niches.

Does It Have To Be Professional?

If you remember when PlentyofFish came out and how it looks now you could say that it’s not very professional looking compared to sites like Match or eHarmony yet they’re killing it when it comes to members and money. So you don’t have to have the most professional or best looking site in the world. What you have to have is a niche that gets traffic and traffic equals members and members equals money. It’s just that simple.

Can I Make Money With Web Dating Software?

Of course you can. Again, it has to be niche and you make money by offering membership subscriptions. As a rule of thumb you want to charge less than the big guys so anything under  $24 dollars a month is good. I would stick to the $19 dollars a month and be sure to offer lifetime memberships because you’ll make more money since the life expectancy of a member is 3 months and if you charge $199 for lifetime membership then you statistically make more money.

How Can I Start My Own Dating Site Today?

Getting started with a dating site is very easy here at iDateMedia. All you need is a desire and a domain name and we’ll do the rest. Don’t have an idea for domain name? Think of your hobbies or your activities. If you like dirt biking and dogs then start a site for it. If you like traveling and drinking wine then start a site for it. If you like 4×4 trucks and mud, then that’s a great site to start. Spread your niches out and combine 2 or 3 hobbies together for there are many people who do many different things.

Keep your options and your mind open and lets have a talk about your web dating software.