Dating Site Email Blast

Can You Email Blast Your Members?

You sure can.

The dating software has a feature in the admin called Dating Site Email Blast and what this does is allow you to email the members on your site and you can break down the emails sent based on the type of members you have. You can send to all members, standard members, premium members and emails based on gender. Not only can you break down your emails by specific requirements but you can also send the email internally or externally. The reason for sending internally is that your members can’t mark it as spam outside the site and this will improve your send email reputation. No other dating software provider has this function.

Dating Site Email BlastingAlong with sending email to all your members but you can also send them to your affiliates. It’s truly a one stop shop for all your dating site email needs.

Dating Site Email Blast By Text File

Full disclosure, we don’t recommend doing this but the option is there if you need it. Say you have an email list (Should be double opt-in) and you want to send emails to that list, you can. Your file should be a text file and each line should have the email address on it.

What the system will do is send them out one at a time and this will cut down on any spam filters that look for bulk email. Sending one email out is going to bypass bulk email filters and this way you will not take a hit for potential spamming.

What we suggest doing is have the dating software installed on your main domain/IP address then install the site again on a secondary IP. Your hosting will give you another IP or you may have one already. The idea here is to send out emails from your secondary site that is on a different IP so that if your IP gets blacklisted it won’t affect your main dating site.

This is an amazing dating software feature that you’re going to use and love. It’s the best way to market to your dating site customers.

Other Functions

Other functions of the email blast are HTML which allows you to send HTML in your emails. This is great for having a nicely designed newsletter created. You can also include the members first name to make it more personal.

If you’d like to see other functions added to the dating site email blast then be sure to let us know!