Dating Software Reviews

Dating Software Reviews Confirmed

iDateMedia uses real customer reviews to showcase how our customers really feel. If you’re a iDateMedia customer then we’d love to hear from you. All customers can go to the My Account here at iDateMedia and leave a review on what they think about us and our dating software.

However you feel about the dating software we provide then we’d love to hear from you. Whether you think it’s good or bad we want to know. This helps us improve the dating software so that others can reap the rewards of all reviews, good or bad.

How We Collect Reviews

Only real customers of iDateMedia get to leave reviews. This means you have to be a customer. Once you purchase the dating software then you get 30 days to leave a review. That review is posted to our review page as well as our profile page.

Since reviews are posted outside our site we don’t control them. That means they won’t be changed or removed. This allows us to show trust and transparency.

iDateMedia is the ONLY US based dating software provider. All other dating software providers are located outside the states and pretend to be here but a simple call will prove that completely.

Why Collect Reviews

We collect reviews to show transparency and we also collect them to ensure that we make each and every customer happy. If you feel the software needs something then let us know either by review or contact us. This helps us create the best dating software on the market.