Dating Website Creator

Using a Dating Website Creator

A dating website creator is just a piece of dating software that lets you create your own niche market dating site. Whether it’s a free dating site or a paid dating site, with the dating site creator you can create whatever you want and tackle any market you want.

This is because the dating scripts we offer allow you to setup the skins (Templates) however you want. Change your images, change your logos, change your colors and just about everything else you need to start a dating website.

None of the extra stuff you need but exactly what you need to be profitable using dating software.

About  About Other CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System and while there are other CMS solutions out there, you want to steer clear of them because they are not setup for dating. A dating site is more fluid and requires more database resources than say a WordPress Dating Plugin. Those CMS’s are designed for blogging and page creation, not dynamic/fluid dating sites.

With a stand alone dating software application like iDateMedia, the dating software has it’s own built in CMS so we built the CMS around the dating software, not the other way around. This ensures that your structure is well in place to handle the millions of dating site members you’ll receive and be able to handle all the instant messengers, live video chats, emails, notifications and more that your site will need. It’s the perfect dating website creator.

Why iDateMedia and not SkaDate or AdvanDate?

For starters are dating software is priced more affordably than all those others. Secondly, we’ve been doing it longer and the best part is that we’re here in the United States. If you contact those other guys you’ll find out they’re in Russia. Not exactly the best customer service either. Thirdly is that we have verified reviews. Others can’t say that. Real reviews from real customers. Not manufactured ones! If you want to read more check out our Dating Software Reviews.

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