Installing SSL on your Dating Site

What is an SSL?

Simply put, an SSL is HTTPS and encrypts your browser data so that important items can’t be hacked and you have to have one if you own any type of site including a dating site. It’s that little green bar or pad lock up in the top left of your browser right before the domain name. It shows your visitor and members that your dating site traffic is secure.

You have to buy the Secure Socket Layer certificate from SSL providers and before you go buy one at GoDaddy, let me show you how you can save $70 dollars on getting one.

Why not GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is good for a few things but the price of an SSL certificate is not one of them. They charge roughly $80 dollars a year to provide you the SSL cert but there’s a cheaper and easier better way and that’s through a site called and it will only cost you $7 dollars a year! Yep, don’t spend $80 dollars on a SSL from GoDaddy, go to ComodoSSLStore. You’ll thank me later! You’ll be happy and so will your wallet.


Do I need an SSL?

You bet you do. In fact, if you don’t have one Google won’t rank you very well. Google is determined to get all websites using SSL (HTTPS) and if you don’t have one then don’t count on getting much traffic.

It also sends a message to your members that you’re on top of web security and taking care to make sure that the browser connection is secure.

How Do I Install a SSL?

Installing the SSL cert requires two things. First you need to generate the CSR (Certificate Signing Request) on your hosting. Most likely you’re using cPanel so go to your cpanel and go to SSL and then create a new CSR. That will generate a block of text that you take to ComodoSSLStore and generate the SSL cert. Once the cert is generated you download it (Most likely for Apache) and then install it in your cpanel SSL area. That’s basically it. There are tons of videos out there to help you do it but if you use iDateMedia free hosting then we’ll take care of that for you.