Faster Onboarding

It’s no secret that the key to a successful dating site is to grow your member base but how you grow that member base is essential to the overall health of the dating site member base. They key component here is onboarding and we mean you have to do it fast.

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding is getting guest registered on your dating site and the faster you do it the better chances you have of getting that lead and in this case the lead is the registered user.

iDateMedia Registration Page

There is science behind getting people onboarded faster and it works like this. You need to capture the user quickly and their data so when they register you want to make sure that they fill out their complete profile at that time because if you just capture the basics they are less likely to complete their profile when they login. Remember, you’re engaging someone at a specific time and attention span of the user is very small. Get the data quickly and that’s at the root of faster onboarding for a dating site.

100% Completed Profile

When you have all of your profile questions in the registration you have a completed profile. This means that the user is ready to search and other members are ready to see their profile. As stated above this is the fasted way to onboard someone and get them using the system quicker.

Key thing to remember in dating. Your capturing your lead and this is the user. Once you have the user then marketing begins and that’s in the form of presenting them with other members in the hopes of them upgrading to a membership and you can’t get membership payments if you don’t have users with completed profiles. That’s the take away.

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