New Admin Functions

With the release of our latest version 8.0, we have now included a supped up admin area. You can see the new admin area by logging into the demo and clicking on Admin Control Panel at the top right once you login.

New functions include a new graphic tool that showcases your users as they register on your site. This will help you gauge the number of new members that are coming to your site each day/week/month.

A secondary graph below that shows in a pie chart where these users are coming from. It’s a great way to quickly see where your marketing efforts could be potentially paying off. If you’re running ads in the UK and you have a good stream of registrations from there then it’s a good sign!

Also included in this new admin function is a gender graph to show you what percentage of male/females you have. The average generic dating site should have more men than women so this graph is a good source for quickly checking your gender stats.

We hope you like version 8.0 of the dating software with the new admin functions. Be sure to check out the Dating Software Demo to see first hand the dating software.