Software Use Alternatives | What Other Types To Start

While the dating market is a wide open market when it comes to the unlimited niches that can be created there are also other uses for dating software. This is because the dating software is profile driven so any type of site that uses profiles can be started. Below I’ll break down the other types of sites you can start with our dating software.

Roommate Site Software

Roommate sites have been around for a long time but what hasn’t been around are roommate sites that are for specific niches. Sites like gender roommate sites where the roommate site is designed for a specific gender. Maybe you’re looking to start a roommate site designed for women then you could.

Roommate Website Software

Other roommate type sites would be geographically specific.  Maybe you live here in Portland, Oregon and you’re looking to launch a roommate site for people in Portland. You could also look at starting one for a specific state or region. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a roommate type of site.

To start a non-dating type of profile driving site all you need to do is change the profile questions to reflect roommate style questions and change the gender from male/female to room to offer/room to rent which is easily done via the language file.

Job Board Software

A job board is a website where people can look for jobs as well as employers who can post jobs and again the dating software lends itself well to this type of site.

Employment Website Software

Starting a job board or an employment website is a great way to cash in on the growing niche market industry and starting a niche market job site is yet another use for the dating software. Just like the roommate software above you can simply change the genders to candidate and employer and your profile questions could be related to that.

The use cases for a job board site could be geographic as well as industry. Say you’re in the human resources business. You could start a job board site specifically for HR candidates. If you’re into automobiles then you could start a employment website specifically for mechanics. See where we’re going with this? Again the possibilities are endless.

Real Estate Website Software

This is just another example of how you can use the dating software to turn it into a real estate website by simply changing the profile questions and the gender and in this case you would change it to buyer and seller and that’s it. You now have a real estate website where people can list their houses as well as look for houses.

Real Estate Website Software

You’ll need to go niche on this because there’s a lot of real estate websites out there so you could do a geographic based real estate website. Say you live in Denver, you could start one just for the Denver market. Maybe you’re into flipping condos, there’s a niche. Maybe you’re into commercial real estate in Houston, there’s a niche. Interested in apartment real estate? Yep, there’s a niche.

In Conclusion

In closing, as you can see by this post, there are many different types of websites you can build just by using the dating software. Sure the dating industry is a good industry provided you’re building a niche site but it can go so much further.

By changing just a few things, your images and your text you can transform dating software into any profile driven website. Some other examples could be personal trainer website, automobile website for specific cars. Again, the list is endless.

If you’re looking to break into a profile driven website and need some help creating some ideas then contact us, we can help you do just that.