The Dating Site Storyteller

It’s no secret that the only way that you’re going to succeed in the online dating world is to create a niche market dating site. While creating a niche market site is good you’ll want to go a little deeper and create a super niche but in this post I’m going to explain how you, the dating site owner, can become the dating site storyteller. Your personal journey that you convey to your audience to expand the trust of your dating site.

What Is A Dating Site Storyteller?

A dating site storyteller is one that has a story to tell. Think of it as your personal memoir book. When someone writes a memoir, they are writing a book about their lives in the hopes that people whom might be interested in it will buy the book and having a dating site that tells a story like this is no different.

Dating Software Storyteller

When writing a personal memoir, most writers adhere to these steps:

  • Narrowed focus
  • More than just the story
  • Telling the truth
  • Putting readers in your shoes
  • Employ elements of fiction to bring story to life
  • Creating an emotional journey
  • Showcasing your personal growth

These steps in writing a memoir are going to capture the readers attention for the theme of your life is what is going to intrigue them and in the dating world, it’s no different. I’ll explain.

Introduce Your Story Through Online Dating

We’ve gone on and on about how you need to start a niche dating site to be successful in the online dating world. Unless you have millions of dollars at your disposal then you just can’t compete with large generic dating sites so niche is the only way to go.

What's your dating site story?

For this post I’m going to use the niche “Christian Dating”. This is a niche dating market that one could potentially start but here I’ll explain how to tell your story through your dating site. Of course you’ll have to be a Christian to do this but this niche is just an example. You can do this with any niche.

It’s time to get personal. Yes, in the Internet world the days of hiding behind your domain name are gone. No one wants to use a site that hides who the owners are, their contact details or personal details about them. Now you don’t have to get too personal if you don’t want to but your story here is what matters.

You’ve been into this your whole life and that is what needs to be conveyed. All of the text, images, articles and videos on your site should be about what your personal story has been and in this example of Christian Dating, you’ll need to pour that into the site.

The videos you make should be personal. They should reflect your journey and why you started your dating site.

The end result here is to make your dating site extremely transparent by telling your own personal story about how your dating site can help people find other like minded people and storytelling will capture your members and members that feel captured and intrigued will spend money because they trust you and your site.

Dating Site Transparency

If you have a dating site and you bury your contact details, have no videos or images and generally don’t care then your members will see that and guess what? They move to the next site that does. If you want success then you need to be transparent and showcase that on your dating site.

Will A Personal Message Help My Dating Site?

In the old days you didn’t have to have contact details and videos, people just used your site because they didn’t know what else existed but in these current days where there is competition for traffic you have to stand out. You have to be transparent. You have to be trusted and if you can’t be trusted then you won’t make money.

Dating site personal message

Your personal message should be done via video. Pull out the old video camera or your iphone or some other video recording device and sit down in a quiet place and record an explainer video. This is a video that talks about why you created the site, your personal journey needs to be included. If you’re a husband and wife team then both of you should be in the video. Talk about the journey as well as the features of the dating site. You’ll want to combine them and let your visitors know that you created your dating site because you wanted to help people like you find their soulmates. The more personal the better. I know it sounds strange but people love personal stories. Would you rather use a dating site that was just about matching people with no background story or would you rather use a dating site that has a story to tell? I would choose the latter.

Don’t judge yourself. A lot of people feel intimidated by the camera. You need to get past that. If you feel insecure that people are going to judge you then get past it. Yes, people are going to judge you but they are few and far between. The majority of people don’t care what you look like. You might have a bald spot on your head but the majority don’t care. Tell your personal story and your members will appreciate that.

There’s a saying in the internet world these days and it’s “Screw the Haters”. That means don’t worry about them. There are going to be trolls and those people are just filled with hatred and their lives suck so your not catering to them. Your audience is those that want to get more out of a dating site. So ignore the haters. If someone says you look fat or ugly, that’s on them. Again, they make up a small amount of your overall audience. You can’t get rid of them but if you ignore them they will go away. Calling them out will only entice them to do more so screw the haters!

In Conclusion

It’s all about the story. You have a story to tell so tell it. Tell it in images, videos and written word. Stay true to the truth and the journey and open up why you created the site. If you follow these simply guidelines with your dating site not only will you create a dating site that people trust but you’ll open the world to a new type of experience. Oh and news organizations love these types of stories! 🙂

If you need help setting up the dating software or creating your dating site then be sure to contact us and we’ll help you create that personal touch.