Start a Photo Dating Site

I know it sounds strange but here’s an idea for a dating site that you could start. A photo dating site that goes beyond the normal profile photo of showing yourself to potential mates. Keep in mind that this type of photo dating site is designed to showcase your members personalities outside the photo of their face. This type of niche market dating site could be started if you’re interested.

What Is A Photo Dating Site?

The standard dating site uses photos to show potential matches what you look like and attraction goes a long way in terms of matching but when a person views a photo they don’t really get a in-depth look at your life. Sure the text in the profile could give them an idea but what if you were to expand the photo requirements to not only include a profile photo but also include photos of your kitchen, bedroom and possibly car (Minus the license plate)?

Photo Dating Site Market

I’m sure that there are people that will say there’s a level of privacy that one must adhere to when being on a dating site and sure, you should really consider the privacy aspect but you could do it in a way that only allows people to see additional photos of people that they trust. Showing a photo of your kitchen is not really giving much away but I do have to stress that this could be a privacy issue but if done right could mitigate any of those privacy issues.

How Could You Setup A Photo Dating Site?

When it comes to privacy on a dating site you have to have that privacy aspect. If you don’t then you run the risk of making everyone mad so if you’re going to start a photo dating site you’ll need to inform them on how to do it and that’s by using the “Private” photo option within the dating software. This option allows members, when uploading a photo, to be able to mark the photo “Private’. This way the only people that can see a members private photos is to allow them access to it.

Make Photos Private

Along with making additional photos private you’ll also want to encourage your members to upload videos and make them private. You can do it the same way you make photos private. A simple checkbox will make them private then the member can only show the photos and videos to people that they want to see it.

The key to this type of photo dating site is to promote it as such. Your front page should contain images that are more personal that show more of the personality of its members for standard dating site photos just won’t convey the message of the type of site it is. The same thing for the about us page that you should edit. It should also reflect this type of dating site.

Marketing A Photo Dating Site

When it comes to marketing a photo dating site you’ll want to do some of the items we listed above like making sure you’re promoting the “Private” aspect of a members photos as well as images, text and possible videos on your main front page.

Dating Site Marketing Plan

Your main front page is where most of your members will land so you have to make sure you capture those members and that means putting in images that reflect the type of site as well as verbiage that tells what the site is about and another option would be to add a YouTube video on the front page. That video could be an explainer video that details what the site is about.

For a cheap explainer video check out Fiverr and look for some with good reviews.  Don’t pay more than $50 dollars for a 30 second explainer video.

For more information on marketing check out our marketing tips for 2020.

In Conclusion

In closing a photo dating site is a unique style dating site where the focus is on not just promoting users faces but more of their captured personalities including what their kitchens look like, what their cars look like, their bedrooms, bathrooms, vacations and so on. More is always better and photos of this style can dramatically increase the matching potential of your members and in terms of privacy, you’ll want to make sure you’re focusing your attention on that by making sure your members fully understand what it is and how to use it.

We’re not lawyers but your terms and conditions should be done in such a way that helps protect you the photo dating site owner.