Blockchain Dating Apps

What Is A Blockchain?

A blockchain is defined as a distributed ledger across thousands of computers. Think of it as a spreadsheet that receives data and grows and never shrinks. The best part about the blockchain is that it’s immutable and that means entries that are put on the blockchain can not be edited or removed. You could also think about it like a large database being saved across thousands of computers. One person or computer can’t go back and change anything and anything that gets posted to the blockchain has to have confirmation. This is done via the network. The security comes from the millions of computers (Nodes) running a copy of the blockchain. To change something you would have to have the consensus of millions of nodes and that’s just impossible to do. This lends itself well to two different scenarios which I will detail more in this post.

Another example of blockchain technology is the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum can run smart contracts. These are programmed scripts that do certain things. Think of it like a condition true/false statement. If the condition is true then it does this and if it’s false then it can do this. Like in real estate and escrow, a smart contract could be created so that when the money is received into escrow that the contract could be confirmed and the next step produced. These are just examples of smart contracts and that’s the essentials of Ethereum.

If you want to see how exciting blockchain is right now then go Google DeFi. That’s your assignment for the day. 🙂

How Blockchain Can Be Used In Dating

While using blockchain for review verification, other use cases in the dating space could be where people would have to push tokens (Cryptocurrency) in order to be confirmed. This could be taken a step further where each person pushes a token to ensure the other shows up for a date. If the other person flakes then he loses his tokens. You can also reward both members who actually show up on the date by granting them tokens. This is a great marketing tactic. It’s a bit crazy but it’s just one way to use blockchain.

You can also use blockchain technology to track membership payments and you could even track scammers. Part of the Blockchain system is that it detects scammers but it doesn’t track them so tracking scammers on dating sites is a new creative use case.

Another use for blockchain in dating is for storing profile data. Not so much the content of the profile but whether the profile was a fake profile. Being able to track fake dating profiles on the blockchain is huge not to mention the timestamping of photos to show when they were originally used and this could in turn tell other members how old someone might be. If you’re on a dating site and you show a photo and say it’s current then blockchain technology can confirm that by detecting if the image was used in the past. See!

Blockchain In iDateMedia Dating Software

Blockchain is integrated into the iDateMedia dating software via the Blockchain Confidence System which allows dating site owners to gather verified reviews from their real members and posts them to the Blockchain. It also scans users against the scammer database. This database has millions of emails, usernames, IP addresses, images and profile text that it scans when a user registers. When a user is detected that user is blocked at the IP level.

In Closing

So that’s blockchain and how it can and is being used in the dating space. Blockchain is fairly new and is only going to get better as time goes on so be sure you brush on blockchain because it is the future! Go Bitcoin!

Blockchain is here and it’s going to stay and the usages for blockchain will only be getting bigger and with that will come blockchain dating apps. In this post I will describe what a blockchain is, how it can work in the dating space as well as how it’s currently being used with iDateMedia dating software.

More Blockchain FAQ’s

Does blockchain dating apps use crypto?

Some do and some don't. You don't need crypto to use a blockchain. Blockchain is an example of a blockchain tech without crypto.

Can a blockchain entry be edited or deleted?

No, that's the beauty of a blockchain. It's immutable which means it can't be deleted or modified.

What is the reason for a blockchain?

You can write data across a network of computers (Nodes). Also, blockchain allows Bitcoin to operate without the need for a central authority which makes it decentralized and cuts out the high transaction fees from banks/middleman.