Creating Profile Based Websites

In this post I’ll discuss how to create a profile based website with the iDateMedia dating software. You can also listen to the short podcast below that I did about doing that with the dating software.

What Is A Profile Based Website?

A profile based website is any website that lets users edit profile questions as well as have those profile questions show up on their profile in hopes of finding a match. A match could be dating related or it could be something related to employment, real estate, automobiles or any other type of profile based business sector.

Profile Based Business

So the dating software is great for a dating site but I do get customers who want to start other types of profile based websites. In the past I’ve had customers who have used the dating software to start roommate sites, nanny sites, real estate sites, job board sites and automobile sites. With the dating software you can create any type of profile based website simply by changing the text in the language file and the profile questions.

How Do I Use The Dating Software To Start A Profile Website?

Because the dating software uses a language file you can simply edit it to turn it into whatever site you want. For this example I’ll use a job board site.

With the job board site you simply change the genders in the language file from male to Employer and female to Employee. This changes all of the male/female options throughout the site to Employer/Employee on registration, edit profile and view profile.

Job Board Profile Based Website

What you do next is head over to the admin area and go to Settings, Manage Profile Questions and there you will be able to change all of the profile questions to employment style profile questions. For example, you can change the options under Seeking to “Full Time, Half Time, Long Term, Short Term, Temp” and now the Seeking drop down represents a job based option. You can also add profile questions like Experience and create the options under that new profile question. You can also delete other profile questions that might be dating related or you can simply change the name of the option and edit the entries under it.

Besides changing the profile text and profile questions, you’ll want to replace the dating related images within the template you’re using. If you’re using the “Corest” template then you’ll want to go to /skins/corest/ folder via your File Manager and there you’ll find the default files for that template including the images folder where you will be replacing the dating specific images to whatever market you’re creating. If you’re doing a job board then find some job related images to replace them with. I like the website because all the images there are free  and royalty free to use.

In Closing

If you’re looking to start a profile based website then you can use our dating software to do that. Change the text, images and profile questions and you’re good to go. If you need help setting this up simply give us a call or shoot us an email. We’d love to hear from you.

Be sure to check out the Profile Based Website page. You can also listen to the Create Profile Based Websites podcast below.