Dating Site Membership Plans

So you’ve got your dating software set up and running and you’ve got members joining the site. First off, if you’ve got a steady stream of members then that’s awesome. Good job. Now that you’ve been growing your dating site member base, it’s time to think about your membership plans. In this post I’m going to talk about the best dating site membership plans you can create. Keep in mind that your dating site should be free until you build a good member base.

The memberships you should have are Monthly, Annual and Lifetime. I’ll explain them separately below.

Monthly Membership Subscription

This is a no brainer. You want to offer, at the very least, a one month membership. If you’re a niche market dating site then you should keep your price at around $19 per month. Sure you could charge $24 dollars or more but in my experience $19 per month is the good average that gets results.

By offering a monthly membership you give your members the chance to not renew and by giving your members these options you’re going to cut down on chargebacks your dating site receives. Also, keep in mind that you should have your billing policy on the front page and or footer so that your members aren’t faced with any billing surprises. This is all part of your dating site transparency that you should be focused on.

Annual Membership Subscription

Along with the monthly membership, you should also be offering an annual membership. This is for those members that would like to use your site for an extended period of time plus if you offer a discount on the annual membership then you’ll have more members taking advantage of that membership subscription.

Lifetime Membership Subscription

This one is the unique one. The life expectancy of a member on a dating site is, on average, 3 months. So if you charge $19 dollars per month you’re only going to get around $60 dollars on average per user but, if you offer a lifetime membership for around $149, you’ve more than doubled your subscription revenue and your members WILL opt for that subscription.

The lifetime membership should have the verbiage that tells the user something along these lines:

“We all know that sometimes things don’t work out, if they don’t, we’ll be here for you. Pay once and never pay again! The lifetime membership offers you a one time payment and you’ll be able to use our dating services for life with no extra payment required.”

This is a technique that I personally have used on my own dating sites over the years and when implemented can double your revenue. It did for me every single time I ran it. If you’re making $3000 per month on your dating site, run a lifetime membership and watch your revenue double to $6000.

In Closing

These three dating site membership plans are designed to make your money. They are also designed with the user in mind and along with implementing your dating site transparency, you’ll be well on your way to going a great dating site and making some serious revenue with it.

Should you have any questions about these dating site membership plans, don’t hesitate to contact us for we’re here to help.