Dating Software Basics

Dating software with tons of features does nothing for you to make money in the online dating world so stop falling for companies that promise tons of features because at the end of the day you’re matching people.

What Features Do I need?

There are some base core features and functions you need in dating software for a dating site. Those are search, advanced search, matching tools, email and live video chat instant messenger. Anything else is not going to help you make money.

The final item you need is traffic to your dating site and that comes from the niche market that you’re looking to get into, not from running a general dating site like or others. If you want to make money with dating software then you MUST have a niche.

While other dating software providers sell you tons of features for thousands, iDateMedia sells what you need to be successful, not what you don’t need called Fluff! Fluff is added functions and features that will do nothing to be profitable. You need traffic and members.

Will They Come If I Build It?

Depends on what you build. If you build a dating site for Christians then they are not going to come to your site. Why? Because there are tons of them out there already. If you build a site for dog lovers, they are not going to come because there are some out there but if you build a site for Christians who love dogs then chances are they will come to your site. You have to extend your niche dating space to include multiple niches and don’t settle on one site. Start many different niche sites.

How Do I Reach Those Unique Users?

You have to use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and if you use it the right way then your members will come. We won’t divulge the way to do it here simply because we save these techniques for our customers. If you want to start a niche dating site and be successful then you should work with iDateMedia. We’ll show you how and back it up with proof.

Best Dating Software for 2020.