Best Matchmaking Software | Top 5 Super Niches

Matchmaking has been around since the 90’s and software to start a matchmaking site has been around for almost 20 years. That’s a long time for dating sites to be around but what is unique are the spectrum of sites that are popping up and those are special niches which incidentally make the most money. While they don’t make as much as the general sites like match or eharmony they do make money. Dating site revenue projections.

When you’re looking to start a dating site you’re going to have to come up with some niche to target. What we’ve done is outlined 5 super niches that you can target today that either aren’t being targeted or have low competition.

1. Dirt Bike Singles

While there are a few dating sites out there about dirt bikes most don’t have a clear precise message which is what you need on your site if that’s the type of dating site you’re looking to start. There are motor dirt bikes and dirt bikes like bicycles. There are even on/off road dirt bikes so targeting people that are into riding dirt bikes is a great super niche market dating site.

Targeting those that enjoy dirt bikes could include hitting up some motocross races in your town. If you’re into that and it’s your hobby then target it and dominate it. Don’t give up and if you keep going you can reap the rewards of it.

2. Christians Who Love Dogs

Yet another super niche that you don’t see a lot of. There are Christian sites out there but to refine the niche you can add dog lovers to it. If you’re a Christian and love dogs and you’re looking to start a dating site then there you go.

Remember, starting a dating site should be started around what you love doing. Whatever you’re into, your hobbies.

3. Expats Singles That Teach

This is an interesting one. In most countries you’ll find expats. Expats are expatriates, which are people that live in countries outside their home country. You’ll find lots in Asia and Europe.

What we’ve seen over the years is the rise of expats who are living in a foreign country teaching. What we’ve also seen is the thousands and thousands whom are single. It’s literally an untapped niche and again, you could refine it to be home country specific like Brits living in Vietnam teaching English.

I had a conversation recently with an expat living in Vietnam teaching English and he told me that he only dated caucasian women and he didn’t like Asian women. I said that it’s crazy since you live in Vietnam and he told me that he loved Vietnamese culture but was not attracted to the women and since most English teachers in foreign countries are caucasian then it made living there that much easier hence starting a dating site for this niche is a great idea and not being done.

4. Gamers And Tattoo Lovers

It might sound a little strange but this does exist. The market it for it might not be that big but it’s a market that can be grown. How you grow one is simply creating the market and introducing to people who are interested in the two things that might not know that there is a singles site out there designed around these two loves. Remember the idea here is that you can introduce two niche markets to form a super niche. There are gamers out there and there are gamers that love tattoos so create the market and attack it.

5. Vegetarian Singles That Hiking

Now that’s a super niche. Sure you’ll find vegetarian singles sites and hiking dating sites what you won’t find, at least during our research, are vegetarian dating sites geared towards those singles that love hiking.

What happens when a vegetarian single that loves sitting on the couch meets a vegetarian singles that love hiking? It’s a failed match. You find that on these types of sites hence why starting a vegetarian singles dating sites for those that love hiking refines the match and makes matching people a whole lot easier.

The key takeaway here is to remember that you’re matching people. You’re not going to match people by bringing together opposites. While some say opposites attract, in cases like this, they won’t so create your niche and then refine it and start a dating site.

Best Matchmaking Software To  Use

While there are plenty of other dating software companies out there, what you’ll find is that they’re out to sell you a ton of things you don’t need at expensive prices. You don’t need to fall for that. Our dating software is used by more top niche market dating sites than any other dating software provider out there and we can back it up with facts. Two top dating sites that use our dating software are and Period!

Can I start any type of dating site with this matchmaking software?

Yes, any type of site. The more refined the niche is the better the site will be.

What about combining multiple niches?

Yes, the more niches you can combine the super it becomes. Combine two and three niches to make the epic super niche. Don't stop with just one either. Start multiple niche sites to diversify your portfolio of dating sites.

Is matchmaking software expensive?

No, while others will charge thousands, here at iDateMedia you'll find our dating software is priced affordably.