Dating Website Member Upgrade Estimator Tool

There’s a question that we get on a weekly basis and that is how many members will upgrade to a premium membership. While the number of daily upgrades is based on your niche and marketing efforts, we’ll try to show you the average numbers you could expect plus a nice little dating site upgrade estimator tool.

How Many Visitors Do I need?

The short answer is as many as you can get but it’s a bit more complicated than just a number. A lot of things go into getting members to your site. The first thing you want to make sure of is that the traffic that you’re getting to your dating site is relevant and good traffic. Don’t go throwing money into an ad network that’s not going to get you quality traffic. They’ll send you traffic but it’s not going to be converting.

Should I Use Fiver To Buy Traffic?

No! Don’t go spending money over at Fiver. Sure you can find traffic for sale there but they will send you thousands of low quality click traffic. In the years that we’ve been selling dating software and managing dating sites, we’ve found that those Fiver traffic packages amount to zero registrations and that means no conversions at all. They are worthless so don’t spend money at fiver on traffic.

Don’t get me wrong, Fiver is good for some things but buying traffic to your dating website is not one of them. How does a seller at Fiver know your market? They don’t so don’t fall into those traffic for sale scams.

What Is Quality Traffic?

In the dating world you want to have quality traffic. That is traffic that is looking for your specific niche. You can achieve this in a few ways. The first is through social media.

Quality Dating Site Traffic

You can use Twitter to generate traffic to your dating site. Simply create a Twitter account and link back to your dating site. Then follow people that might be interested in your niche. For example, if you’re a Christian dating site then search for “Christians” on Twitter and find a really large Twitter handle with lots of followers. Then start following their followers. On average about 3 out of 10 might follow you back. That means for 100 people you follow 30 could potentially follow you back and consume what you Tweet. Same thing goes for Instagram.

If you’ve got an advertising budget and you want to pay for ads then use Google Ads. You can find relevant keywords related to your niche. This way you only send the people that might be looking for what you have. This is also quality traffic.

Don’t use banner exchange programs. They are not relevant and will be of low quality.

Another form of quality traffic is organic traffic. You want to get your niche market dating site to the top of Google for all of your keywords. Whether they are two words, three or four. You want to start ranking for all of your keywords. For those that are looking for tips on how to do that we reserve those for our dating software customers.

Some Dating Site Traffic FAQ’s

What is quality dating traffic?

Quality dating traffic is simply people that are looking for what you have. Anything else is not quality traffic.

Does Fiver sell quality traffic?

No, Fiver doesn't understand your niche dating site so they won't be able to have traffic for you. What they sell is generic traffic that won't convert.

How many people will register?

If you have high quality traffic to your dating site you can expect to see somewhere between 5 and 15% converting to a registered user. Be sure to use our revenue calculator to determine estimated daily membership upgrades.