How a Matchmaker Can Utilize Dating Software

In today’s post I’m going to outline the benefits of how a matchmaker can utilize dating software to start a dating site that they can use behind the scenes to match potential mates. Basically using the software to match their clients. This works really well with those matchmakers that have a lot of clients.

Matchmakers Are All About Customers

Being a matchmaker is no easy job. If you want to be successful then hard work is what it takes. Unless you’re born into a very wealthy family. If you’re one of the 99%’ers then hard work is what it takes to build any business and the matchmaking business is just as hard.

Matchmaker Dating Customer

One thing that matchmakers do is cater to their clients. That’s what it takes. These clients have a problem and the matchmaker is the solution. The client is looking for a match and either doesn’t have time for dating sites or doesn’t want to post his photo and profile online. This is especially true for those clients that want to maintain a bit of privacy but still want to meet that special someone and that’s what a matchmaker does.

A successful matchmaker will make sure that they are giving the utmost customer service to the client for most matchmakers charge a few thousand dollars to help the client find the match so if you’re not into customer service then matchmaking is not for you.

How Can Software Help Matchmakers?

From the matchmakers that I talk to I find that on average a matchmaker has anywhere from 10 to 20 concurrent clients. This means that they’re helping around 10 to 20 clients every day and these clients need to have matches and that has to happen on a daily basis and juggling those clients and potential matches can be a bit of work. This is where the dating software can come into play and help.

When a matchmaker sits down with a client they have a questionnaire that they go through. They take photos and video and ask personal questions. They then keep a mental diary of this client and their data. Most matchmakers I talk to know who all of their clients are as well as their potential matches but the more prospects you have the harder it is to stay on top of what you have to offer the client. By entering in all the profile data into a site you can quickly use the software to help you match people.

How Dating Software Helps Matchmakers

Starting this type of site doesn’t have to be public. In fact, as a matchmaker it shouldn’t. You can setup a site that is internal to your organization and use it for yourself to find matches. In most cases this could be a sub-domain of your main domain and you could even password protect the area to ensure that only you or your staff has access to it.

You can enter all of your client and prospect matches into the same system. You can simply login as the client profile you created and do searches based on the criteria that you have setup for them and find all the potential matches. This gives you more control over the matches that you find for your client and can help mitigate any potential bad matches.

The matchmakers I talk to all tell me that sometimes maintaining clients can be a bit overwhelming and while it’s all good for them they would seriously consider a better solution hence why using our software can make the matchmakers matching job that much easier.

In conclusion, using dating software to help the matchmaker make more professional matches will go a long way and considering the price is below $400 dollars, it’s more affordable than developing an internal matching system that can cost thousands.

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