Insomnia Dating Site Idea

Are you looking for a new market idea for a niche dating site? Well here’s one for you. You can start a insomnia dating site. Why? I’ll get to the reason at the end of this post but I think you’ll find it interesting and maybe a bit funny. We could all use a chuckle right about now.

What Is A Insomnia Dating Site?

A insomnia dating site would be for those singles out there that don’t sleep very well. That would also include me. I’m such a light sleeper that when a fly farts downstairs it wakes me up. No, seriously. I’m a very light sleeper and once I’m up, I’m up. It is what it is.

So do you have sleeping issues? Do you lay awake at night starring at the ceiling trying to get your brain to just shut up? Then this type of dating site could be a great idea for your next niche dating venture.

At the time of writing this blog I could not find any insomnia style dating sites. I didn’t spend very long looking but a simple insomnia dating search on Google showed me nothing so this could be a great dating site idea. Let’s see how long it takes for someone to start it!

Build It And They Will Come

That’s still true. I know there are single people out there that have sleeping issues so now is the time to start that insomnia singles dating site. A prime, untapped, niche market dating site idea ready for the pouncing!

If you’re going to check this idea out here are few things you could do to enhance the dating software to make it a insomnia singles style dating site.

  • Change the default images to a couple in a bed.
  • Change the profile questions to be dating/insomnia related.
  • Make the colors soft. Don’t use all black. Try neutral colors of blues and oranges.

I also did some searches on Facebook for insomnia and there are  millions of people out there that have that keyword as an interest on Facebook. What does that mean? It means you can market your insomnia dating site on Facebook. Remember, you can’t market  your dating site but you can market a Facebook Page and promote your dating site from the page. That’s how dating site owners market on Facebook. This is because a few years ago Facebook banned dating sites from running ads but they didn’t ban advertising Facebook pages.

Why? Because when you start a insomnia style dating site your members will be up a lot at night. That means they will be on your dating site a lot. 🙂

In Closing

The idea for a insomnia singles dating site is currently an untapped niche market dating idea. At the time of this post I could find nothing on the idea so it’s yet another niche market dating site idea waiting to be targeted.

If you have questions about the insomnia dating site idea or any other questions about our dating software then we’d love to hear from you.