Will Your Dating Site Fail?

There are many dating sites out there and a lot of them are very successful and a lot of them are not. With that said I’ve put together some key factors you should look at to determine if your new dating site is going to fail.

Do You Have The Wherewithal?

This is more of a generalized term but the basis is this. You need to think about a dating site as a long term investment because you’re not going to make money overnight. If you follow some simple steps that I’ve outlined in the post Is Your Dating Site Legit then your dating site has the right recipe for success provided you have the right ingredients.

Don't give up on your dating site.

Dating sites take time and effort so if you’re not prepared to do that then you should not start one. Dating, like any business venture, requires time, dedication and a decent marketing plan.

Over Saturated Markets Will Always Fail

Too many times customers come to me and ask about a specific market that’s already being attacked. The answer is always the same, don’t do it. If you’re looking at starting a senior dating site then know that the market is very saturated. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t start one. It means that you should expand that niche with a super niche dating idea that takes a senior dating site and adds another niche to it to create a super niche dating site. Maybe it’s seniors that love wine or seniors that live in one particular state.

Over Saturated Dating Site Market

If you do a Google search for “senior dating” you’ll find tons of dating sites. That’s a saturated market and one that I would advise not getting into unless you can expand on the niche.

If you start a generic senior dating site then you’re going to need a lot of money to market it because again, it’s over saturated. The money will be needed to surpass the existing market to get yours above the others and that’s money foolishly spent. There are better options. Again, expand on the niche or think about a niche that hasn’t been created yet and if you think you can’t come up with one then let me know and I can help you. New niches are created very often.

Giving Up When Things Get Tough

Far too many times I’ve witnessed customers giving up after a couple months. They simply don’t understand that any web business is going to take time and effort. When you give up guess what happens? You open the door for someone else to succeed off your hard work so do yourself a favor, don’t give up. See it through and when you do you’ll reap those rewards.

Do not give up.

I have a customer that has had their dating site for many years now and she’s pulling in over 30k per month. Yes, you read that correct. Over $30,000 US dollars per month in member subscriptions. Do you know why? Because she didn’t give up. She found a niche and attacked it and never looked back. When she started her dating site she was working for another company. It wasn’t that long before she quit that job to do her dating site full time and again, she never looked back.

Doing The Wrong Marketing

Every web venture requires marketing. Whether you’re taking advantage of free marketing with social media or you’re placing ads, you need to be doing the right marketing. Be sure to read my post about Mastering 5 Tips for Dating Site Marketing.

Bad Dating Site Marketing

Don’t go spending a lot of money in places that won’t get you any return. One of those places is Google Ads. They are going to cost you a ton of money per click (Over $5 dollars CPC) with not a lot of return. Here are a few other places to consider putting your marketing efforts.

  • Social Media Postings
  • Dating Advertising Networks (We recommend NicheAdNetwork.com)
  • Dating Banner Exchanges
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Groups (Facebook Groups)
  • Creative Blogging Content
  • Need a list? Contact us and we’ll provide you with more places

In Closing

Yes, your dating site will fail… If you give up. If you don’t market it. If you don’t treat it like a business. So don’t do that. Be smart about it. You’ve found a niche so go after it, attack it and never look back. Continue the fight and muster through it and before you know it you’ll be reaping the rewards of working for yourself from home making decent money.

Don’t go blindly into a dating venture. Contact me and lets have a chat about your dating business idea.