New Dating Template Released

In keeping with the frequent release of new templates, iDateMedia has released a new template that we call Harmony for the iDateMedia dating software. This template was at the request of a few customers who wanted a simple front page template design that could turn the search box on or off if they needed it as well as minimize the menu bar.

What’s In The New Template?

This new template is a simplistic front page design based on input from our customers. Since most people using niche market dating sites, they want to see more member details than site cosmetic details.

What's new in the dating software template?

Along with the new template we have removed the menu bar from the front page. This puts more focus on the search box so that when users come to the site they will see the search box and click that instead of deciphering the menu links. Since users have smaller attention spans these days this type of design will generate more search clicks and showcase your profiles more because at the end of the day this is about getting someone registered and the quicker you can do that the better.

The flow through is like this. Go to front page, click search, click on profile the user wants to view but then be forced to register/login. This funnel is essential in getting new users onboarded quickly.

You can see the new template in action by visiting the dating software demos page and click the Harmony icon. That will launch that specific demo/template.

Can I Customize The New Template?

Sure, if you don’t like the default image of the girl then you can quickly remove it. In fact I would recommend it because you’re most likely running a niche dating site and so your front page image should reflect your niche. If you’ve recently purchased the dating script and not sure of the market you want to get into please contact us. We can help you get the right niche created and then optimized at no cost.

Yes You Can!

You can also change the color of the header/footer if you want. The color code we used for this template is #0a8a95 and that controls the header for guest and members. If you wish to use a different color code all you would need to do is edit the style sheet. If you want us to do that then let us know and we can take care of that for you.

More Dating Template FAQ’s

Can I add my own template?

Yes, there might be some html differences so be sure to contact us so that we can check the template out to make sure it's a good fit. If it's not then of course we can modify it to make it work.

Can I modify any of the images in the template?

Yes, all images, colors and text can be changed for any template you wish to use.

Are you creating more templates?

Yes, we're about to release 6 more templates with our next release of 9.5.