PHP Dating Script

Using PHP Dating Scripts

If you’re knowledgeable about PHP then you’ll understand the term PHP and in this case it’s used for creating a dating script to start a dating site. I’ll dive in a little more about how PHP is used with the creation of a dating site.

PHP has been around for a long time and lends itself well to the creation of many types of websites. Most websites these days are built with PHP due to the speed and stability of the code. It wasn’t surprising to see dating sites as well created with PHP thus the PHP dating script was born.

How Secure Is PHP?

PHP is very secure in itself but it all depends on how it’s coded. You don’t want someone with a year or two of PHP experience developing your dating site. This is because they just don’t have the experience to do it and will miss tons of security issues with writing the code.

PHP Dating Scripts

An example of bad code would be not sanitizing the fields. If you don’t sanitize the fields then you run the risk of XSS Cross-Site Scripting. This means that someone could enter some code in the input field and take control/hack your dating site. This is just an example of bad PHP coding and just as a FYI, we’ve been writing PHP dating scripts since 2001. That’s over 18 years of PHP experience. You won’t find any other dating software developer that has that much experience.


That’s a good question and one we get a lot. ASP was designed by Microsoft and uses the Windows platform. Not a very secure platform. Most websevers are using Unix based servers, not Windows. ASP has had a lot of security issues in the past and is not widely recognized so if you’ve found a ASP dating script then steer clear of it. Just like the vulnerable WordPress Dating Plugin.

PHP has outperformed and outlasted the ASP (Active Server Pages) and will always be far superior to ASP. If you’re looking for PHP dating software then be sure to check out our dating software demo and see for yourself.

Is PHP Dying Off?

Absolutely not. PHP is one of the most secure and stable scripting languages out there and shows no signs at all of dying off. The team over at PHP has been pushing new versions consistently and accurately to ensure the safest PHP is out there.