Social Dating Software

What Is Social Dating Software

Back in the early 2000’s you would really only see dating software for social communities really didn’t exist. What you started seeing in those days was the adage of functions like groups, forums, classifieds and so on and this was really how dating morphed into social dating and hence the need for social dating software was born.

What Has Changed?

Not much has changed these days when it comes to social dating software and social dating sites. Sites like MySpace and Friendster have failed while Facebook has prospered. They still offer the same basic features but they cater to the general user audience. They even have your own dating platform for the generic users. What they fail to provide is a niche market dating platform and that is where idatemedia.comes in.

iDateMedia provides the social dating software you need to create your own niche market social dating site. Whether it’s a dating site geared towards those that love dogs or a farmers type of dating site that caters to specific states like Texas, Iowa and other major farming states. As I’ve stated many times, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a social dating site.

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Where Is It Going?

Where would you think that social dating sites are going these days? I can tell you that while the functions and features will always be the same, the markets that are being created are where things are going. You’re not finding new large niche market dating sites these days. You’re finding that people want to micro niche their dating site experience. This means they are looking for really special niches like Christians that love dogs that live in one city or motorcycle lovers who love making wine. Those are micro niches and those are the types of sites that people are looking for. Think of it as a multiple hobby style site.

People are getting into different hobbies these days and a lot of them are single so thinking about starting a social dating site that is a multi-niche in nature so if you’re looking at social dating software be sure to think about a multi-niche style social dating site and if you have any questions do let us know.