Pronouns Dating Site

iDateMedia is pleased to announce that we are the only dating software provider that provides dating software not only to everyone and every niche dating sites but we can also provide dating software to those looking to start a dating site geared towards gender specific pronouns.

We have just rolled out the new gender expressive options within the profile setups which is a feature that’ll allow users to choose between he, him, she, her and they and them. These new optional custom dating profile options join the over 60 gender and sexual orientation choices available to those dating sites that cater to these pronouns.

These are preferred pronouns that are available in the software if you so choose to use them. If you’re creating a new dating site that is not geared to these new pronouns then of course you could start a standard dating site based on male/female.

At iDateMedia we want to make sure that we have everyone covered. If you have any questions about this post or our dating software in general then we’d love to hear from you.