PHP Dating Software

What is PHP Dating Software

For those looking for PHP dating software you first need to know what it is. First off, PHP stands for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. I know it sounds strange but that’s the Wiki on it. It’s a general purpose scripting language originally designed for website development. It was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994 and is now produced by The PHP Group. In the beginning the term PHP stood for Personal Home Page, but as of now it’s PHP Hypertext Preprocessor. So how does it work for dating sites?

PHP is a great scripting language and is widely uses for millions of websites including dating websites because PHP is great for dating software hence why it’s used almost entirely for it. Not too many dating sites don’t use PHP.

PHP is fast and reliable and stable and works with MySQL which is the best choice for database design when it comes to dating software.

Is It Secure?

PHP is very secure and no less, or more secure than any other scripting language like Java or RubyOnRails and when it comes down to it, it’s all about how it’s coded. Any secure coding language can be hacked if it’s coded wrong hence why iDateMedia takes great care in developing our dating software.

If you develop dating software you want to make sure you’re doing so with the latest stable version of PHP and at the time of writing this the stable release of PHP is version 7.2. I’m sure 7.3 will be stable very soon but we always code for the latest stable release hence why we put out different versions throughout the year to not only add new dating software features but to ensure we’ve got the most stable package available for our customers. Just how we roll.

You won’t find a better PHP dating script around.

Be sure to check out our dating software demo to see it in action.