How To Earn More Dating Site Revenue

The tips that you learn here at iDateMedia are from over 20 years of being in the online dating industry and that includes running dating sites, selling dating software and going to dating events such as the Internet Dating Conference. We transfer this knowledge to you in the hopes that you can earn more revenue. These are the tips that big name dating sites don’t want you to know.

Dating Site Member Life Expectancy

The average dating site member will stay on a dating site for 3 months. This is because most of the time they either find the match they’re looking for or they move on to another site. These numbers are critical because you need to know how much time you have to capture that member into a premium member. By not capturing that member you lose out on money and that’s called leaving money on the table.

Dating Site Life Expectancy

When a member finds a match on a site they remove their profiles and in some cases they will come back but those numbers of people coming back are very small. You need to capture the member within 3 months.

If a member doesn’t find what they want on the site it’s quite possible that the member will go elsewhere.

What Should The Member Ratio Be?

On dating sites that put men and women together the member to member ratio should be 3:1 (3 to 1) and that is 3 females to every 1 male. This is mostly because the biggest gender on a dating site is going to be male. Now if you’re a gay dating site for women or men then those numbers are not relevant. These numbers are geared towards dating sites that match men and women.

Dating Site Member Men to Women Ratio

When building a dating site most site owners go out and look for traffic but they’re not looking at the bigger picture where this ratio comes in. If you’re promoting a dating site to the masses in a particular niche then your dating site member base will be out of whack when it comes to the gender ratio. This means that more men will be joining the site because more men will. So your marketing focus should be more towards the ladies than the men.

Earning More Dating Site Revenue Monthly

This tip is a closely guarded secret but we’ve learned this over the years and it’s called the Lifetime Membership campaign. Here’s how it works.

Earn More Dating Site Revenue

Since the life expectancy of a member is around 3 months then that means on average you’ll get roughly $75 dollars out of that member (Based on $24 dollars per month). If you introduce the lifetime membership option to your members for a price of say $150 dollars then not only do you get double the amount from member but you’re also getting money from a member who would not normally upgrade.

This also creates more revenue because this type of membership can cause other members who probably would not be buying a membership to actually buy the lifetime membership. This is proven to work not only for our customers but it’s also worked for the dating sites we’ve run over the years.

The Dating Site Member Lead

In keeping with the tone of this post, another tip you can think about is the lead concept and that is that every person that joins your site is a lead and leads have money.

When a person registers on your site then you have their contact information and in most cases it’s their email address and any marketeer will tell you it’s all in the lead and in this case it’s the email address.

When the member joins you take their email and you add it to your email database. You can create these lists for free at large email sites like MailerLite and MailChimp. Keep in mind that MailChimp doesn’t allow dating site campaigns but you can still have your database of email addresses there and simply export the list to another provider like MailerLite.

Dating Site Member Lead

Now that you have their email address you can market your lifetime membership to them. There’s specific verbiage you can use when creating a lifetime membership email campaign and it goes something like this.

“We know that sometimes things just don’t work out between two people that meet on our site but with our lifetime membership you will know that we’ll always be here for you. Pay once and never pay again.”

When emailing people about this campaign you need to keep in mind that you don’t want to spam people. Don’t send it twice and when you do send it make sure you have a “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom that is easy for them to see and unsubscribe. You don’t want people marking your emails as spam. That can hurt your email reputation so be careful and if you have specific questions about email campaigns please let us know for we can help.

The Dating Site Popup Notification

There’s a lot of talk around Google’s next release of their Chrome browser beginning to block those annoying popups that ask you to be notified of events on the site. This allows the site owners to send you desktop notifications. This is very annoying because every site is doing it so don’t do it. Instead of that look at launching a popup to collect the members opt-in email once they register. MailChimp has a really nice and free popup that you can embed on your home page that will popup one time. Here is where you can capture opt-in members and you can put these emails in a separate list that you can market your features/campaigns to.

These are just a few tips you can use as a dating site owner to generate more revenue for your dating site. If you’re looking for more marketing tips be sure to check out our dating site marketing tips for 2020.