Mobile Dating Apps

iDateMedia doesn't produce mobile apps for Android or iOS because they add more steps to the registration process. We instead focus on responsive design which allows any device to view the dating site. Effectively this means that the dating site will respond to any device whether it's a tablet, desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

In the 20 plus years we've been doing dating software, we've found that apps will not get you the registrations that you need. You will get more registered users using the responsive design that we have in the dating software. An app adds more clicks to the registration process (7 clicks) where the responsive version is 3 clicks. In niche market dating, getting someone registered is critical. Just as critical as the niche you start.

Mobile Dating Responsive Design

See Responsive Design In Action

Because the dating software is responsive, all you need to do is view the dating software demo on any device. You'll find that the responsive design includes every desktop function without the need for an app.

View the Dating Software Demo.