5 Steps To Increase Traffic To Your Dating Site

Everyone knows that organic traffic to your dating site is the holy grail of dating site revenue but wait, there’s a lot more to traffic when it comes to getting visitors to your dating site. Today we’ll explore 5 steps to increase traffic to your dating site.

1. Create New Content

Like any website, you have to create new content on it. So in the dating world this is user profiles and site blogs and articles. This is content marketing. It simply means that your dating site is creating new content on it for Google and other search engines to index. The more content you add the better you will rank. Also keep in mind that the content should be relevant and give a good user experience.

When you create your content, do so for the user, not the search engines. You want people to consume your content and engage with it. That means that the content you create, like a blog post, should have images and or video. Linking to other content is key as well. You have to engage your users and keep them on your site. Creating engaging content will do just that.

Don’t just create new content either. If you have older blog posts then be sure to go update those posts. Make them current by adding new relevant information on them. Remember, Google wants to see new updated content so whether it’s a new post or updated old one, be sure to update them.

2. Increase Your Website Speed

This is a no brainer. You need a fast dating site. It’s one of the things that iDateMedia has worked on for years. Making sure the dating software loads fast. A slow loading dating site will get hit hard by Google so be sure your hosting is fast and that the images you’re putting on your blog/article post are optimized. Keep your images below 200k. The smaller the file size the faster the page will load.

Increase Dating Website Speed

You also want to try to cache your profile base. We do that with our dating software so you don’t need to worry too much about that but if you’re running our dating software and use an 3rd party blog software then be sure you’re using caching.

Caching basically creates a file of your page so when a user loads it, it’s not being loaded from the database which can take time. Having it served from a file loads faster. So caching profiles loads them faster and that leads to a faster website and a better ranking with Google and other search engines.

3. Social Advertising

The difference between organic traffic and paid traffic is that organic traffic is traffic you don’t pay for that most likely comes from a good Google ranking. Having your main dating site keyword rank on the first page of Google is called organic traffic. Unlike paid traffic that will cost you.

Social Advertising for Dating Sites

A social advertising component would be paying for ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google. Those are great alternatives that can drive traffic to your site. If you’re not yet ranked well with Google consider using social advertising.

The other component would be to use those social media sites to promote your dating site for free. This involves a bit more time and some additional steps such as following people, writing posts and replying to other posts and Tweets. Check our our dating site marketing tips for 2020.

4. Take Advantage of Mobile Traffic

With more and more people using your mobile devices to access dating sites it’s pretty important that your dating site capture those mobile visitors. Be sure your dating site is responsive and that it’s catering to all of those mobile visitors whether it’s a cell phone or tablet.

One misconception in the dating world is that you have to have a mobile dating app to be successful. Well, that’s a flat out lie. Read our post about the dating app lie. You don’t need an app. In fact if you use an app your will have less registrations on your dating site. This is because an app adds additional steps to the onboarding process. A responsive website uses 2 steps to get members into your dating site. An app is 6 steps so in a world of small attention spans, you will lose members by forcing an app.

5. Add Quality Posts, Not More Posts

Another misconception is that you need to just keep churning out more content and that will make Google happy. That’s absolutely not true. The more crappy content you push out the worse it will be for your dating site overall. So focus on pushing engaging content that your members will consume, not tons of crap they won’t consume.

Quality Dating Content

Google completely understands when you’re trying to push unworthy content. They will pick up on it so it’s important that you produce great stuff in the form of great articles and videos.

So in closing, these are just 5 simple steps you can take to help create more traffic to your dating site.

Be sure to check our our post how to build a dating website.

Other Dating Site Traffic FAQ’s

Should I use social media sites to promote my dating site?

Yes, social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Mix and others are absolutely free. Use them to promote your dating site because Google uses those in it's ranking algorithm.

Is a VPS fast enough for Google?

Yes, a VPS is enough provided you're not using a cheap service that piles as many accounts as they can on it. Use a caching system to cache files so that they are not pulled from database. That will speed up any site. The dating software has caching built into it.

Should I use a dating banner exchanges?

Dating banner exchanges have proven to not be very effective at capturing exit traffic and visa-versa. But if you're looking to monetize in free mode then do look at AdWords.